Types Of Jeans Every Woman Should Have

Today's fashion guide is dedicated to our beloved hard-wearing casual pants made of denim. Why these bottoms are so popular? Every lady can easily find a pair of jeans that ideally fits her body. The best and worst thing about jeans: you can wear them quite often, but once you understand you need a new pair of jeans, then it might become a problem to find exactly the one and only pair that ideally suits you. There are thousands of stylish jeans for women, but which ones fit you best? That's why it's important to understand the basics of a perfect pair of jeans that works best on your body.

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How to wear black skinny jeans

I think there is no need saying that skinny jeans are in favorite by many stylists, brands, women, bloggers etc. for already several seasons. That's most important part of every stylish girl/woman wardrobe. Today this kind of style can be found in every shop. Why is it so? Well, it's super versatile wardrobe piece and it goes perfect with completely everything, starting from semi-formal attire to casual days looks. I personally love black skinny jeans as they go amazing with anything that I try on.

How to wear black skinny jeans 2019
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Earnest Sewn Fall-Winter women’s look book

That’s what I’ve been searching FOR! New Earnest Sewn Fall-Winter lookbook of women’s beautiful jeans designs which are printed, and colored in skinny and jegging styles. The creator of Earnest Sewn, Benjamin Talley Smith tells, that new collection looks a bit different from the past ones, as it’s more fashion forward. All looks were inspired by New York and LA citizens. Each jeans style is unique and special.

Earnest Sewn Fall-Winter women's look book 2019
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