Best Looks from IVANOVA Autumn-Winter Collection

Ukrainian womenswear brand's IVANOVA Fall-Winter collection is another great season for Lena Ivanova. The Autumn collection is full of simple and feminine garments, which are not only beautiful but also practical, versatile and comfortable. You are about to see simple lines, restrained colors and acute angles. Lena uses only natural and high quality fabrics, including cotton and linen, that's why every look has a preppy, casual appeal, which makes them so special. Another great thing is the light trimming, including organza, lace, chiffon details which make all the presented styles look elegant and timelessly chic. Next important detail, which I'd like to emphasize is the transparency, which makes the following looks sophisticated and special. I felt in love with Ivanova's attention to detail, as each piece looks simply fantastic. The prints are created by graphic designer Ignat Zavada exclusively for IVANOVA. All in all, let's see my favorite looks from the winter season:

Double layer dresses, much like a shell and core, represent duality of a reserved nature, with strong emotions ripening inside and perfect peace and confidence on the surface.

Best Looks from IVANOVA Autumn-Winter Collection 2019

The white outfit with black shoulder straps looks great with sheer black face band.

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IVANOVA Spring-Summer Sports and Grunge “Your Own Crown”

If you like sports and grunge, then please welcome IVANOVA latest “Your Own Crown” spring-summer collection's lookbook. The Ukrainian womenswear label created by Lena Ivanova offers sophisticated and creative pieces which are inspired by people, cities. Here are presented full skater skirts, A-shaped tunics, white dresses, sporty silhouette jackets. I tell you honestly, I simply felt in love with those urban, loose-fitting silhouettes. That's a contemporary collection with eye-catching masterpieces. The spring collection includes high quality fabrics, like silk, velvet, cambric, crepe, faux fur and knitted textiles.

IVANOVA Spring-Summer Sports and Grunge “Your Own Crown” 2019
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