Ioanna Kourbela Fall-Winter Best Products

I think you have already seen my reviews of Ioanna Kourbela Autumn-Winter men's and women's collections, right? If not, then you can read them by clicking on the links. Anyway, I am here today to take a closer look at some of my favorite products from this brand.

Ioanna Kourbela Fall-Winter Best Products 2019

No, really, I am so in love with this mustard shade handbag. Love its retro versus futuristic look.

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Ioanna Kourbela Fall-Winter “Day To Night” Menswear

I have already shared with you Ioanna Kourbela Autumn season collection of womenswear. Now, it's time to show you some of my favorites from its men's line. The lookbook consists of awesome silhouettes with geometrical axis with reference to the hourglass shape. The geometrical, minimal and austere cuts refer to cubism. The urban mood is created thanks to the cuts, slim silhouettes and sportswear references. The color palette comes with earthly hues that come alive through the textures. We see navy, black, grey, white-grey and pops of yellow.

Ioanna Kourbela Fall-Winter “Day To Night” Menswear 2019

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Ioanna Kourbela Autumn-Winter “Day To Night” Womenswear

If you are looking for a fashion-forward apparel with a touch of vintage look, then I advice to take a tour through the latest Fall season collection from Ioanna Kourbela. It's a decisive, spontaneous and ambitious approach to conceiving clothing. Designer has teared down the borders between the everyday and the exceptional, day to night apparel. Indeed, it is a collection to be worn day to night. The color palette includes java, golden brown, beet red, angel falls, vanilla cream, grey type.

Ioanna Kourbela Autumn-Winter “Day To Night” Womenswear 2019
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Ioanna Kourbela Spring-Summer Men’s Innovative Collection

In today's post we are going to observe Ioanna Kourbela Spring-Summer men's collection. It's relaxed, creative and made of innovative high quality materials. Urban Greek designer offers experimental cuts, innovative details, advanced draping and cutting techniques. Male model appears in casual outfits, starting from everyday working suits to casual tees and bomber jackets. The pantsuits look versatile, as you can wear them from office to cocktail hours. Ioanna Kourbela still experiments with new shapes and details. We see lots of commercial basics that are both versatile and classy. I love the showcased innovative aesthetics, precision and creativity.

Ioanna Kourbela Spring-Summer Men's Innovative Collection 2019
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Ioanna Kourbela Spring-Summer Accessories

If you love creative, innovative clothing and accessories, then I highly recommend to take a look at Ioanna Kourbela Spring-Summer accessories line. This collection consists of eye-catching heeled sandals, wedge shoes, cuffed sandals, strappy high soles, fold bags, leather bags and many other interesting essentials. Every piece is handmade of high quality fabrics, where each detail looks just perfect. I personally felt in love with her minimized aesthetic, which embraces the simplicity and charm of classical harmony.

Ioanna Kourbela Spring-Summer Accessories 2019
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Best Looks From Ioanna Kourbela Spring-Summer Collection

Let me introduce to you Greek fashion house named Ioanna Kourbela. This time we have chance to see brand's Spring-Summer collection which features eye-catching looks colored in black, white, pale fuchsia, dull green, deep yellow and cool shades of grey. The clothing is covered in blurry abstract images, including cartoon sketches, handwritten texts. The silhouettes are amazing, we see flowy looks, practical shapes (following the body), all kind of embellishments, including transparency, beaded appliqués and creative cuts.

Best Looks From Ioanna Kourbela Spring-Summer Collection 2019

If you want something fresh and statement, then I recommend you to try on this mustard colored pullover.

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Ioanna Kourbela Autumn-Winter Sporty and Contemporary Lookbook

I am happy to share with you this Fall-Winter season's collection named "Reflections" from the well known Greek fashion designer brand Ioanna Kourbela. This Autumn season comes with wintry cold colors, including black, white, sophisticated red, violet, navy and grey. That's a stunning contemporary collection with truly amazing shapes and layers. Ioanna Kourbela is known for her experimental spirit of wrapping and draping, that's why I expect this winter season so be one of the greatest. I love each of the presented looks, including those terrific red and purple dresses, two-piece ensembles, wrap coats, cowl neck gowns, sporty separates and quilted outerwear designs. There is kind of hint to the medieval wear, thanks to the fabric touches, motional body shapes, as well as sustainable and organic fabrics.

Ioanna Kourbela Autumn-Winter Sporty and Contemporary Lookbook 2019

That's a terrific two-piece look, which includes a zip poncho, high-waisted, pleated skirt and lace-up boots all in red color.

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Ioanna Kourbela Fall-Winter Stand Out Feminine Collection

Greek fashion designer Ionna Kourbela reveals her awesome Autumn-Winter looks. I'd like to share with you her best pieces, which are ideal for special events, starting from weddings to parties and prom nights. The Fall comes with great colors, shapes and high quality materials. The main focus is the female body, which reflects femininity and makes woman stand out from the crowd. I personally love the way Kourbela uses innovative fabrics making woman's body so special. You are about to see here gorgeous products including suede pumps, awesome wedges, as we ll as leather belts, handbags, knits and sheer skirts, as well as modern necklaces.

Ioanna Kourbela Fall-Winter Stand Out Feminine Collection 2019
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