Vallila Interior: Bold and playful Scandinavian Printed Fabrics

If you are looking for something that will refresh your interior design, then I am more than happy to share with you Finnish brand Vallila Interior contemporary printed fabrics, rugs and home accessories completed in bold and playful patterns. The showcased Scandinavian design is inspired by the Finnish landscape and way of life. It's one of the most recognizable trendsetters in Scandinavian design. Label's collections are well known for their bold, playful and eye-catching patterns.

Vallila Interior: Bold and playful Scandinavian Printed Fabrics 2019

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BAMO Hospitality Interiors Portfolio

This time I want to draw your attention to this magnificent portfolio from BAMO design firm. You are going to see impressive hospitality interiors that are great for inspiration and new ideas. Every place and interior is unique and special. I am pretty sure you will want to stay in one of these apartments. Anyway, let's have a detailed look:

BAMO Hospitality Interiors Portfolio 2019

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora bungalow bathroom.

This precious place called Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora comes with a turquoise lagoon protected by a fringe of white coral on one side and two soaring mountain peaks on the other. I love the way BAMO firm has designed this place by saving the cultural context and making it look fresh. We see simple shapes and quiet interior colors. Here are shown small utilitarian furniture, textile patterns and lots of wood.

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Santa Lucia Preserve Residence Interior Design by BAMO

Santa Lucia Preserve residence interior/exterior design is another great work made by BAMO firm. That's what I call silent luxury. The residence is located in just twenty minutes from Pebble Beach. The Preserve comes with amazing views, world-class golf and beautiful weather. In other words, it's a comfortable heaven with true American spirit feel. The surrounded landscape of ranch is full of advantages, starting from climate to luxurious views. Well, it's only the exterior, while the indoors comes with formal entertaining zones. The following residence with two wings includes six bedrooms and master suite, with a private master living room. We see complex layering of furnishings and proportioned contemporary interior rooms. Everywhere are used only natural materials and neutral palette with great pops of colors introduced through accessories. All in all, it's warm and comfortable family residence with dramatic landscape.

Santa Lucia Preserve Residence Interior Design by BAMO 2019

The exterior view to Santa Lucia Preserve. The green trees on a little hill make this area look kind of Safari-like.

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Island Road Villa Interior Design by BAMO

Please welcome a gorgeous Island Road Residence designed by BAMO company. This 4,800-square-foot residence features 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms + 2 powder rooms. The result is a sumptuous neoclassical and baroque home situated in a hilltop enclave, with an exclusive overlooking Hong Kong’s Deep Water Bay.

Island Road Villa Interior Design by BAMO 2019

The entry area comes with a small space made visually dynamic by bold use of black & white (the floor).

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Green Apple Console “Diana”

The touches of the 1970's and disco club. Hey there, fashion and design readers! I've got some other great news from the world of design. Today I bring to your attention this marvelous console “Diana” from Green Apple Design Studio collection “Vibrant Home.” This beautiful creation comes with subtle curves enclosed by the straight lines, making it look unique and feminine.

Green Apple Console “Diana” 2019
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Green Apple Console Versalhes

A touch of Aristocrat. Today I want you to see and feel the elegance what is made by Green Apple design studio. It's console Versalhes from collection “Fashion Fresh.” The following creation takes us to other eras and makes us think of magnificent ballrooms of the European aristocracy.

Green Apple Console Versalhes 2019

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Green Apple Chandelier “Enlace”

If you are wondering how to liven up your room, then I recommend to take a closer look at this marvelous chandelier “Enlace” from my favorite Green Apple design studio team. The chandelier comes from “Fire & Ice” collection. The luster features golden circles what revolve around the light, involving and seducing each other into an endless hug of two passionate lovers, resulting on a unique, stunning and sophisticated piece. I am in love with its sophisticated look.

Green Apple Chandelier “Enlace” 2019
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