Vallila Interior: Bold and playful Scandinavian Printed Fabrics

If you are looking for something that will refresh your interior design, then I am more than happy to share with you Finnish brand Vallila Interior contemporary printed fabrics, rugs and home accessories completed in bold and playful patterns. The showcased Scandinavian design is inspired by the Finnish landscape and way of life. It's one of the most recognizable trendsetters in Scandinavian design. Label's collections are well known for their bold, playful and eye-catching patterns.

Vallila Interior - Bold and playful Scandinavian design inspired by the Finnish landscape and way of life (1)

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San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2014 Music Room Interior Design by BAMO

Oh, my goodness! That's an awesome residential design! In today's post I want you to have a look at this amazing Music Room designed by San Francisco based design firm, BAMO. Brand's work was shown at San Francisco Showcase 2014 Interior Design. It's an elegant space for a gifted musicians and adventurous collectors. Just imagine, your little kid has a gifted talent to play on cello, so what space should you keep him in? I mean what interior will make him play something beautiful and never heard before? Right, exactly this kind of room.

SF Showhouse 2014 Interior Design (1)
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Green Apple: Fashion Fresh Vibrant Home Fire & Ice Chic Pureness

If you are in search for a timeless, romantic and delicate looking interior design, then I am here to share with you latest collections from Portuguese brand Green Apple called FASHION FRESH VIBRANT HOME FIRE & ICE CHIC PURENESS. We see four brand interior decoration, where the first one is called Fashion Fresh with daring notes, naive, free and passionate spirit, second one is Vibrant Home with vigor, energetic touches and exotic details, third one is called Fire & Ice with strong personality and opulent details and the fourth one Chic Pureness with tranquil touches, silver and crystal hues.


I love these burgundy velvet chairs with floral lace details. Every piece looks chic and sweet.

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