Minimalist Chic Outfit Ideas

We've got something special for you tonight! Here are shown marvelous minimalist chic outfit ideas to inspire you for this year. If you want to wear something polished, effortless and modern, then minimalism is what you really need. This trend can look elegant, sporty, tough and clean, but the real thing hides in its sophisticated look. it's built exclusively upon clean cuts and simple shapes. Minimalistic approach lets you look incredibly polished with a little effort, where the key dressing is "less is more." You need to make it sure that everything you wear fits your aesthetic taste and lifestyle. Here's inspiration on 12 ways to style a minimal-chic outfit this year. Thanks to these Polyvore sets you will make your dream wardrobe. Scroll down for outfit ideas that are perfect for summer and fall months.

Minimalist Chic Outfit Ideas 2019

The cream white cinched at the waist dress looks perfect styled with cream beige pumps, quilted white clutch and pocket watches.
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Must-Have Items for a Bohemian Chic Wardrobe

Bohemian chic wardrobe sees no seasons. It's a timeless trend which suits every girl and lady. In this post I would like to share with you must-have items that will help you create a chic bohemian outfit. These essentials will maximize your wardrobe versatility allowing you mixing and matching your favorite clothes. Of course, everything depends on your personal style, but believe me, once you try these ideas, you will never go back. Some of you might call these ideas too much hippie, tribal or nomad, but the overall boho spirit and expression unites them all.

Must-Have Items for a Bohemian Chic Wardrobe 2019

We see high-waisted skinnies, denim shirt, suede booties embellished with fringes, black covering and chunky accessories.

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1970’s Inspired Clothing To Wear Now

I want you to have a look at the following compilation of 1970's inspired clothing that is perfect to wear now. One of the first things that come in my mind thinking of 70's fashion is the bell sleeves, flared pants, tailored fits, flowing cuts, peasant blouses and earthy colors. This decade's designs are based on Indian, gypsy, peasant, Bohemian styles, as well as disco touches. I personally love the flower power influences with ethnic touches. In today's world, designers and brands offer us voguish and rich fabrics, including shimmering materials, sensual drapes, metallic threads, slinky gowns, chiffons, velvet and jersey. The best thing you can do is to mix and match various styles by making your own and unique outfit. Let's have a closer look at this 1970's vintage inspired Polyvore collection:

1970's Inspired Clothing To Wear Now 2019

What I love about this look, then it's the versatility. The sheer sleeveless sheer blouse in orange looks great can be paired with high-waisted maxi skirt, suede and fringed brown pouch, perforated sandals wedges and accessorized with wrap leather bracelet.

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22 Winter Outfit Ideas For Women

In today's post I want to share with all of you my personal 22 winter layering and outfit ideas that every woman and lady should own. Once it getting cold, we automatically want to wrap up in cozy layers, hide our faces in warm cashmere and safely (immediately) get ourselves at work/school/office. The thing is that once you wrap yourself in those layers there is a chance that you won't look feminine enough to attract everyone around. Some may say: "I don't even give a thing!," but ladies, you know we are not monkeys and we are not living in the stone age anymore, that's why we have to think over our wardrobe before living the house. I firmly believe you have lots of wardrobe options for the cooler months, that's why I really hope that these outfit ideas will have you looking cute and cozy all this freezing season long. Go ahead and renew your look by viewing this awesome ideas to try on for this fall-winter season.

22 Winter Outfit Ideas For Women 2019

The following outfit features interesting pieces that include knitted beanie with fur pom pom (this year's must have), leather black trousers (I guess they are slim-fit), loose-fit camel hued V-neck sweater, retro inspired glossy black shoulder bag, rounded sunglasses in black lenses and frames, as well as leather dark camel booties with low heel.

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What to Wear With a Fedora Hat

When I think of women wearing fedora hat I imagine classy, stylish and sophisticated looks, which are ideal for professional, office ladies, creative fashion bloggers, trendsetters and Tomboy lovers. This headwear is a very popular accessory, which makes its wearer stand out from the crowd. It can be matched with pretty chic separates, including statement outerwear, long tunics, skinnies/ black leggings and a pair of stilettos. If we talk about summer wardrobe looks, then you can try on fresh update, which can feature of light tank, denim shorts, flat sandals and a low-key simple straw fedora. There are plenty of other styles, which include feminine touches, like skirts, strappy heels, ruched or ruffled blouses and other elegant pieces to match your neutral colored hat. Many celebrities, like Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham were spotted wearing this headwear in the streets. I personally like the hats which come in basic neutral colors, as they can match perfectly with any outfit, starting from classy to sport styles. But it's important to experiment with this headwear, that's why I have chosen the following Polyvore combinations to give you some clues:

What to Wear With a Fedora Hat 2019
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Get The Look: Women’s Oversized Coats

Let's talk about oversized coats. In today's Polyvore compilation we are going to observe awesome women's oversized outerwear designs, which are perfect for wearing this season. Lots of designers offered exaggerated looks in their latest collections, though the fabrics and colors choice differs drastically. That's why my mission for today is to share with you best ideas of how you can combine different versions with your existing wardrobe looks and make yourself looking trendy and eye-catching. What I love from the very first view is the overall appearance, which is statement and big. Of course, wearing one of these must-haves you will automatically have that special mannish touch which will make you look a bit sharp. But if you will mix it up with feminine details and glamour accessories, then I can assure, you will smooth your look. Overall, I'd like to show you the best outerwear staples which will automatically upgrade your look:

Get The Look: Women's Oversized Coats 2019

Keep it cool, 1970's inspired and casual. Here we see lady wearing a fur camel shade cover-up with black blazer, white tee, grey washed regular-fit jeans and sporty down high-boots in black patent color.

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Women’s Trendy Jeans Styles & Fits For Everyday

Denim is unique and legend material, which hasn't changed and it's still popular and must-have. No matter what's the season out there, but designers keep on offering us new and updated styles and versions. As you can see there are numerous of chic looks. In today's post I want to share with you some trendy jeans styles for everyday wear. Here are presented universal, stylish looks with pretty cool details. You can easily combine these pairs with any tops you want, I mean you can style skinnies or boyfriends with the same knitwear or outerwear, and believe me, you will look the same cool and stylish. The latest collections feature feminine and boyish updates, that's why it's up to you which ones are your favorites. All in all, I think it's the right time to see all the best looks to wear in your daily life:

Women's Trendy Jeans Styles & Fits For Everyday 2019

Here we see a pale pink cropped floral top which is worn with cuffed slim-fit boyfriends which are ripped. Try these separates with a floral bag, circled pink frame sunglasses and flat sandals.

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Animal Print Trend For Women

The print is an amazing tool which allows to make any top or bottom look statement, bold and creative. In today's post I want to share with you best animal print trends for women. Thanks to the following Polyvore combinations you will easily create a unique look with bright details and modern touches. Leopard and snakeskin are already classics and basic options, as you can find them in every shop. But next year comes with fresh updates which include giraffe and zebra patterns. I personally love classic animal options which are colored in bright colors, including pink and yellow. The animalistic patterns are ideal for those ladies who want to look bold, fresh and modern.

Animal Print Trend For Women 2019

Here we see a black giraffe spots on a white dress. You can try it on with a classic tailored white coat, strappy sandals and brown clutch.

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Women’s Trends: Denim On Denim

What I love about jeanswear then it's the universality, which makes them look special, versatile and functional. Another great thing about denim is the quality and comfort, which can be found in almost every design. Today I want to share with you one of this year's trends and it's the double denim trend. The point of this mode is to combine jean fabric tops and bottoms making your look timelessly chic and statement. The following Polyvore compilation features amazing clothing styles made of qualitative and long lasting fabrics. The main principle of wearing such clothes is the right balance of layers. So, if you are wearing eye-catching top, then try on pants/skirt in minimalist or classic shape, contrary choosing to wear flashy bottoms, then it's better to try on simple top. The following images will show you the best tips of wearing this trend in the streets, work and parties:

Women's Trends: Denim On Denim 2019

Keep it slim-fit mannish, by wearing chambray shirt tucked in slim fit, cuffed pants and styled with camel trench and rich blue pumps.

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Modern Grunge Styles For Women

Please welcome modern grunge style outfits for contemporary women. This movement is a combination of today's fashion and 1990's essentials. It's like mixing up all the innovations with cool plaid shirts, combat boots, slouchy backpacks and ripped denim, making its wearer look different and statement. If you are bold and outrageous person, then this trend is meant for you. The grunge hits back this season, offering creative, sub-genre looks, including glam, neo-, as well as indie. If you are tired of all those business style fashion garments and other glamor street looks, then it's time for changes. Speaking of must-have essentials, then keep in mind denims, which can be a vest, jacket, shorts, skinny or baggy jeans (they can be ripped, washed or worn-out), as well as leather fabric garments, which can be worn as a jacket, pants or dress. The grunge is more about slow and no heel boots, but for evening events there can be exclusions. Keep an eye on details. You can finish the look by adding edgy accessories. All in all, I bring you these easy fashion tips, which will make you look differently in the crowd.

Modern Grunge Styles For Women 2019

The flannel red shirt looks perfect worn with A-line black skirt and cool sneakers.

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