Trendy Bob Haircuts

No matter what new haircut ideas we've got this year, but it's obvious, bobs are making a comeback in a big way. The following collection consists of fashionable new ideas for those women who are still thinking of making this cut. Before making any decision, keep in mind one thing - this look has so many style varieties that you can choose, no matter if you are getting ready for work, party or any other formal and smart-casual event. Another thing is the versatility, which makes this look flatter anyone with any face shape. Get ready for an awesome inspiration:

Trendy Bob Haircuts 2019

If you are one of those ladies who always wants to try something creative and casual, then go for this messy, blonde bob.

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You have never seen such amazing ways of styling strap heel sandals

The following Polyvore collection consists of amazing ways of styling strap heel sandals. You are about to see great wardrobe looks, which are ideal for various occasions. Each pair will update your look and make you special. That's a summery footwear, which adds a delicate touch to your overall outfit. The following heels are both elegant and fun to wear. I have included stunning outfits, which can be worn at formal events, graduations, everyday casual streets wear, weddings and proms. I think you have already noticed the great variety of colors and designs, which are available in various shops. In this post you can see the best ways to rock great look with strap sandals. Browse through the photos below, and choose your favorites.

You have never seen such amazing ways of styling strap heel sandals 2019

That's mostly casual wear outfit, which consists of a black pencil skirt, loose-fit tailored T-shirt, black shoes and dark green leather clutch.

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Everyday Dresses For Work

If you are looking for nice everyday work dresses with structured shapes and clean lines, then it's your lucky day, as the best fashion blog brings you a polished collection of awesome office ensembles. The following Polyvore compilation consists of classic pencil, wrap, T-shirt silhouette designs with neutral tone and plaid patterns. What I like about following looks, then it's the simplicity, which is seen in every outfit. The following work ensembles look versatile and easy-to-wear. These styles are ideal for everyday and special formal wear (dinner and business meetings), whether it's for work or just hanging out. Let's have a detailed look at these eleven outfit ideas:

Everyday Dresses For Work 2019

Here we see a polished, tailored black dress with patch pockets, which is worn with light green coat, miniature pale green handbag, silken scarf and flat booties in black leather.

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Spring-Summer Clothing Inspiration For Women

As the spring-summer fashion shows have ended up I think it's the right time to see all those fabulous trends and clothing inspiration ideas. All the presented styles are easy to wear and can be worn in your everyday lives. The following collection consists of seventy one (71) looks, featuring various details, colors and prints. I have underlined and pointed out my favorite creations. The presented images feature most memorable looks with clearly stand-out trends. You are about to see drastically different options, starting from classic styles to modern, loose-fit essentials. Here we see easy to style separates, floral and tree prints, relaxed shapes and outstanding, gorgeous details. Most of these outfits are great for wearing in the streets or special occasions. So, what are you waiting for? Let's spot the best looks from the lookbooks.

Spring-Summer Clothing Inspiration For Women 2019

How about wearing Tomboy sports looks. Here we see model wearing tailored bomber, loose-fit white top and slim-fit trousers.

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How To Wear Thigh-High Boots

It's very important to know how to wear and style thigh-high boots. In today's post we are going to observe best ways how to dress to impress. It's no secret that this kind of footwear attracts everyone's attention. The great thing about them is the edginess and versatility, which makes them so special and bold. It's a timeless trend that makes your look awesome and timelessly stylish. This design is available in different styles, starting from high heels which are elegant and ideal for casual and evening events, as well as low and no heel designs, which are meant for everyday wearing. Speaking of coats, then wearing a long trench lets you rock all possible mini length skirts which are ideal for sophisticate looking. If you go tight on the bottom, then it's better to let the tops looser. Anyway, the best option is to try light, summery dress with these awesome footwear. All in all, let's take a closer look at the best Polyvore ideas:

How To Wear Thigh-High Boots 2019

Keep it classic and work appropriate. Try on suede shoes with high-waisted burnt orange skirt, cropped sweater and slim-fit Houndstooth blazer.

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Workout and Gym Wear For Women

Everyone wants to look fabulous, even at the gym or open air workout. Today I want to discuss with you possible women's right clothes that will motivate you and make you feel comfortable while you are burning up a sweat. There are thousands of amazing gym wear that is functional and feminine, as well as fashionable, but keep in mind comfort and fit (at the first place). Of course biking, swimming or yoga will require specific pieces of wardrobe staples, yet there are general workout garments which are appropriate for various actions at the gym. Choose the synthetic fiber which will allow your skin to breathe by wicking (drawing the sweat away from your body). Look for spandex, Lycra, polypropylene or polyester. But you can choose cotton wear if you don't anticipate sweating a lot. Next thing is the fit of your look, keep it either loose or fitted. If you do exercises during cold months, then it's better to add a few layers of clothing. The last thing is the shoes, try on runners or tennis styles that will add comfort and cool appearance.

Workout and Gym Wear For Women 2019

Here we see cool front zip turtleneck for colder months, supportive sports bra in white, cool runners and some must have accessories for your comfort.

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How to Style: White Jeans

Hello everyone! Today we will speak about white jeans. The white color comes back in fashion every season, yet in different look. I'd like to share with you white jeans styling, as it's a must have for lots of fashionistas these days. Here below you will find out how to wear and how to style white denims.

How to Style: White Jeans 2019

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