Indigo People x Denham The Jeanmaker Collaboration

It's getting colder outside and you want to feel comfort and warmth, right? In today's post we are going to see an awesome collaborative project between Indigo People x Denham The Jeanmaker. Both brands are based in The Netherlands and shared the same love for indigo and authentic traditions. A short informal meeting between Indigo People and Jason Denham of Denham The Jeanmaker during a trade fair resulted in this collaboration project that fuses these two brands’ core values.

Indigo People x Denham The Jeanmaker Collaboration 2019

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Indigo People Autumn – Winter Scarves

Please find below Indigo People's lookbook for the next winter collection of men's and women's scarves. The Fall keeps on exploring traditional weaving and indigo dyeing techniques, where contemporary design meets authentic look. Each design is an ultimate mixture of authentic texture, rich indigo color and authentic design with unique appearance. Personally, I like the natural and rugged look of these shawls. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these products. Tell me your thoughts in the comments:

Indigo People Autumn - Winter Scarves 2019

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Indigo People Spring Scarves

Indigo People shares with us its latest Spring-Summer season collection. You are going to see fabulous scarf designs. Each style is made of qualitative fabrics that are hand selected and dyed in indigo. The main material is based on unbleached and unprocessed cotton, that gives the product a natural and rugged look. As I have already said before, every creation from Indigo People can be worn with almost any outfit, starting from casual to formal ones. Each piece combines contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship that is made thanks to master artisan authentic techniques. All in all, if you want yourself something unique, then I highly recommend to try on one of these scarves from Indigo People.

Indigo People Spring Scarves 2019
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Indigo People Fall-Winter “The Worker Blue” Lookbook

Indigo People presents its Autumn-Winter season's lookbook, which features impeccable separates, like authentic work wear outfits styled with handcrafted scarves. We see brand's experiments re-explored denim looks, which come in deep natural indigo colors with traditional hand loom and comprehensive weaving patterns sets. Speaking of clothes, then I mostly see workwear inspired looks, which are relaxed and casual. I personally felt in love with the following unique, richly decorated scarves in blue and chambray colors and stylish tribal prints.

Indigo People Fall-Winter “The Worker Blue” Lookbook 2019

Here we see models wearing statement, oversized scarves in rich blue knit colors which update the denim jacket and khaki green, wide, cuffed sleeves shirt.

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