Women’s Modern Punk Style

Let's speak about modern punk style for this season. Today's modern punk is a combination of something traditional with modern fashion world trends. We see popular branded clothing and accessories which are mixed up with casual and punk inspired clothing. Of course, this kind of apparel is meant for individualist people, who love punk fashion, lifestyle and music. This fashion is very alive and I see, that many brands provide great pieces, which can be updated with grungy, edgy, and often glamorous apparel, by sticking with the basics — leather, plaid, heavy-metal embellishments. Many designers offer us DIY inspired looks, which ideally fit punk vibes. Taking cues from the snaps, I'd like to share with you my personal forecasting for next season.

Women's Modern Punk Style 2019

Plaids are for grunge and punk culture. Keep plaids oversized and try on plaid top which can be paired with ripped boyfriends, pointed toe heels and Louis Vuitton suitcase.

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Best Women’s Everyday Essentials For Autumn-Winter by Bellfield

Let me share with you this Fall-Winter season's awesome looks which are ideal for your everyday wear. I am talking about Bellfield's latest high-street offerings. The following collection includes trendy, qualitative and valuable essentials with qualitative and great details. There is a great sense of grunge, sportiness and coziness in the following garments, which are great for a contemporary streetwear. You are about to see oversized denim parkas, high shine puffas with technical details, soft jerseys, slouchy oversized tops, etc. I personally felt in love with denim offerings, which include directional washed with perfect fit, shape and size.

Best Women's Everyday Essentials For Autumn-Winter by Bellfield 2019

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Orange Culture Spring-Summer Feminine and Individual Lookbook

Fashion label Orange Culture reveals its Spring-Summer season's lookbook. Brand's creative designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal from Nigeria named his new work - “Pieces of Her“. The inspiration for the next season includes his notions from childhood: time of reckless abandon, self-discovery and relationship between mother and child. Male model appears in vibrant colors and fluid silhouettes. I personally find the following looks to be clearly inspired by the feminine aura. The designer used soft and hard textures, including denim and fresh prints. Orange Culture brings us new dimension to African menswear, as Adebayo declares: “Orange culture is not here to make you “comfortable”...we are here to create clothes that tell interesting stories!”. Well, I personally didn't try any of his creations, though I see the feminine touch in these looks. So, if you want yourself a feminine touch, which will underline your individuality, then I highly recommend you to take a closer look at these great offerings:

Orange Culture Spring-Summer Feminine and Individual Lookbook 2019

The long printed vest is worn atop navy sleeveless top and wide-leg pants. The male model looks sweet with an oversized burgundy tote.

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Denim Boyfriends Country Looks in Glamour France

Keep it boho, denim and country inspired. Today I want to share with you this fabulous editorial entitled 'Androjean', which can be spotted in the latest Glamour France December issue. We see fashion model Giedre Dukauskaite who is shot by Hilary Walsh in amazing open-air set. That's some kind of country side area, which has no urban influence, just a fresh air and beauty nature. Models looks casual wearing daily denim wear in various silhouettes and lengths. I personally like the following looks for its fun, freeing, and simple styling. The important thing about these clothes is the comfort, which is has a high priority in modern days. There is kind of boho chic look, which is seen through jeans, shirts and jackets. I love that relaxed laid back feel.

Denim Boyfriends Country Looks in Glamour France 2019

Here we see Giedre who is wearing a plaid wool shirt embellished with fur and cinched at the waist with a braided leather belt.

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Seaside Inspired Looks in Ace & Jig Spring-Summer Collection

Let's have a look at the latest Spring-Summer collection from Ace & Jig label. Brand's designers Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughan were inspired by the seaside this time. They offer us wide-legged silhouettes, pussy-bow blouses, lace detailed T-shirts, high-waisted beach pajama-style pants, culottes, standout sailor pants with suspenders, etc. I personally love the bold nautical stripes and big belts which are casually knotted. The following vintage printed collection comes with timeless garments which are ideal for casual weekends and everyday wear. All these pieces, come in brand's signature freshed hue checks and tartans.

Seaside Inspired Looks in Ace & Jig Spring-Summer Collection 2019

How about this awesome outfit in pale blue color. Love the high-waisted pajama style, belted culottes in pale blue and white stripes. Love the glossy, black leather flat shoes.

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Women’s Bow Ties Are Cool

Hey, listen, the bow ties are back in town. I officially declare that “bow ties are cool” and it's the right time to pick up your favorite styles, which can be easily incorporated with any of your outfits, starting from office to casual and formal looks. Just imagine yourself walking down the streets and proudly wearing one of these amazing bow ties. This accessory is a real popular piece in every modern woman's wardrobe. We see lots fashionistas and celebrity trendsetters wearing this eye-catching items. Over the past years, I have noticed women pairing this bright accessory with their cool moto jackets, awesome button down blouses with suspenders and black blazers. Some time ago this piece was associated with geeks only, but thanks to the contemporary colors and trends this item has evolved into an avant-garde must-have. So, stop feeling shy and add that necktie into your wardrobe.

Women's Bow Ties Are Cool 2019

Lanvin Alber in gray color is made of 100% silk and it's adjustable with hook and bar closure. Try it with an ivory blouse and high-waisted wide pants in black.

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Men’s Rock n’ Roll/Punk & Sporty Styles

I want to share with you rock'n'roll, punk and sporty style menswear wardrobe looks. There is nothing hard to pull off the following styles together, as you can simply add a cool leather jacket, simple tee and baggy jeans which will make you look edgy and sporty. You can always mix up things by combining lengths, shapes and fits. I personally love grunge and preppy punks updates, which exude edgy aesthetic. Some of the showcased Polyvore combinations are inspired by hippies and bohemians from the 1970's fashion, while other staples look 1980's inspired. It's true to say, that many brands and designers get their main inspiration from various musicians and their style of playing music. Thanks to the music we have the following eclectic style garments.

Men's Rock n' Roll/Punk & Sporty Styles 2019

Here we see simple items, which include pullover, straight jeans, lace-up light grey slip-ons and silvery jewelry.

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I Will Survive: Post Apocalyptic Clothing For Women

No matter what, you will survive! Today I bring you a great compilation of women's clothing combinations which are inspired by post apocalyptic trend. Before we start our discussion, I'd like to underline one thing: this trend requires worn-effect clothes, that's why do not make the common mistake of having an outfit, which looks too new. As you can see, this trend is all about DIY things, as you can update your top by adding some patches or just rip it a bit or make fringes on the sides. Keep in mind one thing- hand-made military essentials are your best friends. The color palette can include black, red, and earth tones for a start. Anyway, you should look like you have been wandering in the desert for years, that's why make it worn, dusty, grungy and dirty. If you are a newcomer, then you can start by combining some of the suggested items. Speaking of accessories, then try on headgears, like Hockey helmet, military cold weather masks, officers cap, helmets, etc., while the eyewear can be aviator sunnies, goggles, eyepatches and other creative pieces. Here we see great ideas and inspiration for you.

I Will Survive: Post Apocalyptic Clothing For Women 2019

The military pants are ideal for beginners. So you can add khaki green tank and denim jacket, rucksack and combat boots to update your survival look.
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Band Of Outsiders Spring-Summer Contemporary Ready-To-Wear

Scott Sternberg behind Los Angeles-based brand Band Of Outsiders was inspired by Brazil images from photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe in the late 1940's in the latest Spring-Summer season's collection. You are about to see palm tree graphics on black and white summer ensembles, seersucker print on silk sheaths, capes with ladybug embroideries, knit short-shorts, pleated silk-cotton skirts, tee-shaped dresses in seersucker, etc. I personally love the following key motifs, including lattice patterns, eye-catching graphic zigzag and palm tree prints. All in all, new BOO collection features wide range of wearable goods, offering its clientèle wearable classics which come with a contemporary twist.

Band Of Outsiders Spring-Summer Contemporary Ready-To-Wear 2019

Here we see model wearing an interesting white sun-hat with a V-neck wrap, white ensemble in black palm trees print, cinched at the waist with a black belt and wearing white slip ons.

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