How To Wear Suede This Summer

I think everyone knows that suede is a must-have trend this year. Today I bring you this cute collection of Polyvore sets which will show you how to wear suede this summer. For some of you, suede is quite hard to pull-off fabric, but in real life, once you try it you never go back. In this post you are going to find out how to combine this fabric garments with your everyday clothes. Of course there is something vintage-inspired about suede, it feels like this material made a comeback from its seventies heyday. It appears everywhere, from dresses, boots, to bags. Anyway, suede waring this season can be done in a range of ways. So you better look through these images and tell me what you think of these outfits:

How To Wear Suede This Summer 2018

Keep it light and sweet by wearing light brown suede shorts with pale yellow cropped sweater and chunky flat sandals. Finish the look by adding rounded sunglasses.

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What Sneakers To Wear With Skinny Jeans

Let's talk about the coolest way how you can wear your skinny jeans! In today's post I want to draw your attention to these modern and awesome sneakers to wear with skinny jeans. If you are a fan of skinnies, then I really recommend you to take a look at these super-cute and favorite models to pair with your denim. As you can see, many designer brands offer us fantastic sports shoes that can be pulled off with a real ease. Keep in mind one thing that all the skinnies have an ultra-tapered hem that makes any footwear be on a display. So, keep your eyes on these contemporary shoes and choose your favorites. Scroll down to see all those eye-catching styles that will surely complete your look.

What Sneakers To Wear With Skinny Jeans 2018
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20 Ways to Dress Like a Hippie

Remember Sixties and Seventies clothing? I remember fresh colors, bright hues and self-made styles. Today I want to share with you 20 awesome ways to dress like a real hippie. The following Polyvore collection consists of awesome clothing combinations, including psychedelic colors, tie dye shirts, maxi skirts, fringed accessories, shredded tops and many other interesting complements. Modern day hippies are different from the 60 and 70's ones. They may still be all about piece and love addicted, though the clothing is combined of various styles and trends. Today's hippies wear refreshing and individual outfits. This guide will give you the best tips to learn before making your personal wardrobe.

20 Ways to Dress Like a Hippie 2018

The tie dye T-shirt looks awesome with ripped, denim cut-offs, rounded black sunglasses, and glossy white flat slippers.

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Top 20 Dresses You Can Wear All Spring

Let's speak about next spring season. I want you to have a look at these top 20 dresses that you can wear all the warm season long. The following Polyvore collection consists of beautiful designs what can be teamed with casual and formal elements. You can wear it to college, school, special parties, formal events, work, etc. The spring season is the time of the year when ladies show of their legs dressed in fabulous designs. Some of the showcased looks are just timeless, as they never loose appeal, while other creations are meant for one season wear. One thing you have to keep in your mind before making any purchase online: if you want to look good, you must know what best works for you (what color? fit? personal taste of design?). I've tried to pick out all the must-wear dresses for the upcoming spring, hope you will enjoy this compilation of warm weather essentials. So, here are my favorite ensembles for you to check out:

Top 20 Dresses You Can Wear All Spring 2018

The florals will always be in fashion my friends. Keep your eyes on photo realistic prints and shift silhouettes. That's a perfect look as it features comfortable flat loafers and stylish rounded sunglasses.

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How To Wear Dresses in Spring

Many of us would love to know how to dress elegantly and catch the attention of others, not because of the style, but because of the elegant look that evokes grace and beauty. Today, I want you to have a look at this amazing Polyvore collection what includes interesting tips and ideas on how to wear dresses this spring. Whether you are looking for sensual piece that will show off your silhouette or a relaxed piece that will flow with you while you walk, I have the right style for you. The following wraps are ideal for many different occasions, starting from office wear to creative parties attendance, as well as for operas and theaters visits. You are about to see stunning prints, different silhouettes, lengths, as well as fabrics use. I hope these outfits inspired by New York, London, Milan and Paris street looks will definitely help you to create something individual and eye-catching. I think it's the right time for you to view this adorable collection of amazing ensemble selections. Check out these easy-to-wear creations and style them correctly.

How To Wear Dresses in Spring 2018

Keep on wearing the flower print and try on this 3/4 sleeve ensemble worn with pale pink knitted cardigan, statement sunglasses with pale fuchsia lenses, perforated white handbag, and chunky flat sandals with white leather straps.

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Awesome Gingham Apparel

Listen Up! Gingham is back. Today I bring to your attention my personal favorites from the fashion world. You are going to see awesome gingham apparel what is ideal for wearing next season. There are certain picnic hallmarks in the following combinations. Each of the showcased garments is sweet and preppy enough for creating a perfect look. I personally respect this print for staying in trend for already several years. I am excited to show you interesting styles that are perfect for office wear, business lunches, family dinners and dating. I've rounded up my beloved 15 looks, so please, have a look and choose the ones what you think are best to try on this year. Check out unique Polyvore sets to rock in upcoming warm months.

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2018

The blue-white plaid shirt will always make you noticed. Try it on with pale pink aviator sunglasses, dark navy chinos shorts and light brown leather flip-flops. This button-down adds kind of unique country style, what makes you look special.

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This year’s mules styling tips

Please welcome perfect shoes, that are ideal to wear in your everyday life. I am talking about mules. This footwear is perfect for wearing during transitional seasons. The design of this shoe is backless. Most of styles come with closed-toe, while there are pretty peep-toes. I personally like the mid heel height, while many brands offer its clients from flat to high heeled shoes. These shoes are ideal for those women who are tired of wearing the same clothes over and over again and want to try something different, by adding mules in their wardrobes. I tried to share with you timelessly chic and classic designs that are ideal for any style, from streets looks to formal office wardrobes. We see mostly black colored ones with pops of leopard prints and white hues. Anyway, I want to share with you some tips on how to wear them next season.

This year's mules styling tips 2018

First outfit, which comes in my mind is this casual everyday look. It consists of a simple, grey tank tied at the waist, cuffed washed jeans, rich red handbag and black mules with wooden heels.

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How To Wear Turtleneck Sweaters With Jeans

If you want to describe modern turtleneck, then the best description so far is: classic wardrobe staple for multiple outfits. Today I want to show you the best tips on how to wear turtleneck with jeans. You are going to see my favorite Polyvore sets, which feature this adorable, cozy top with a high neck, which is paired with cool skinnies, boyfriends, ripped and other jeans. The following turtlenecks come in various lengths, fits and fabrics (the ones feature heavy knits, while the others come in thinner fabrics), nonetheless, this top is versatile enough to wear throughout the chilly months. I think you all know, that staying warm is still a major factor to consider when putting together an outfit. It's very important to know possible ways of combining this daring sweater with your favorite jeans, creating a versatile modern day outfit, which is ideal for wearing in the streets as well as at work.

How To Wear Turtleneck Sweaters With Jeans 2018

That's the most simplest ways of wearing turtleneck with denim. We see grey, rib-knit option worn with skinnies, light grey suede, flat booties, wool fedora and white handbag.

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You have never seen such amazing ways of styling strap heel sandals

The following Polyvore collection consists of amazing ways of styling strap heel sandals. You are about to see great wardrobe looks, which are ideal for various occasions. Each pair will update your look and make you special. That's a summery footwear, which adds a delicate touch to your overall outfit. The following heels are both elegant and fun to wear. I have included stunning outfits, which can be worn at formal events, graduations, everyday casual streets wear, weddings and proms. I think you have already noticed the great variety of colors and designs, which are available in various shops. In this post you can see the best ways to rock great look with strap sandals. Browse through the photos below, and choose your favorites.

You have never seen such amazing ways of styling strap heel sandals 2018

That's mostly casual wear outfit, which consists of a black pencil skirt, loose-fit tailored T-shirt, black shoes and dark green leather clutch.

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How To Wear Leggings With Dresses

Before we move on and talk about possible ways of wearing leggings with dresses I want to ask myself: why do women wear leggings under the dress? There are several worth reasons: first of all, they wear it because sometimes ensemble isn't long enough, secondly, some women feel themselves like being in a kind of camouflage while wearing these bottom, as they do not want to show off their fat legs, some women want to wear sandals, but they have some troubles with skin, so they prefer to keep their skin covered, while other ladies are afraid their underwear might be seen. Most of women fear of something, that's why they use this bottom as a kind of protection. The majority of women like wearing short dresses which are perfect for elongating your legs, that's why petite girls love sporting this kind of combination, as they automatically looking higher. One of the important rules is to keep your look simple. You can try something shorter than you might usually wear; leggings are more practical, functional and breathable. Anyway, let's have a look at some of the basic style combinations, which will make you looking great.

How To Wear Leggings With Dresses 2018

Here we see a preppy look, which features black wool beanie, turtleneck dress, double-breasted dark camel coat, black bottoms and camel wedge boots. If you want to finish this look, then I advice to add shearling gloves and shoulder leather handbag.

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