How To Style Overall Shorts

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of overall shorts. This piece of clothing is an ideal for almost any event, except the formal ones, but it's perfect for wearing in your everyday life, on Fridays at the office, cocktail parties and meeting up with your friends. This timeless trend is coming back again this year, so I guess it's better to refresh our memory and see how to style overall shorts. For today's review I have chosen the street style ideas to inspire you to wear this eye-catching piece of cloth. There are ladies who afraid to try it on, thinking they look like little girls, but believe me, you will never go wrong sporting this look. It's easy to style and very comfy. You can easily combine it with crop tops, simple shirts and blouses. When it comes to footwear, feel free to wear sneakers, heels, sandals, slip-ons and various chunky footwear. If you still wondering what to pair with this 90's inspired trend, then let me show you the best everyday looks to try on next day.

How To Style Overall Shorts 2019

Here we see washed design with a slouchy fit. Try them on with a cropped black tee in a white polka dot, high-heeled sandals and eye-catching retro hat. That's an ideal laid back vibe, that is perfect for a casual weekend wear.

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Trendy Ways To Wear Wool Blend Cape

Today's topic is women's wool blend capes. I am going to share with you my favorite designs, which will update your casual look and make you elegant. You can wear it at the office, weekends and even after-hours cocktail parties. The styling of this trend might be tricky at first, but using this great compilation of Polyvore sets you can create your trendy look in a short time. I have chosen 11 outfit ideas for you to try this year. The following images include modern play on tuxedo suits, below the knee styles, the wrap, sleeved, cropped and coat-inspired looks. There are classic options, which include sleek black cape worn under blazer or high necks, while there are unexpected additions, like mixing casual basics with elegant layers. I personally love the ones which hit below the knee, for a drama look and kind of menswear touch.

Trendy Ways To Wear Wool Blend Cape 2019

How about layering your black, casual separates (high-neck and relaxed, pleated trousers) with this cozy, wide-sleeve outerwear in grey color. The mannish, pointed-toe shoes will ideally suit this outfit. You can add black, duffle bag to finish the look.

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Trendy Ways To Wear Peg Leg Trousers

Every year one of the well known trends stands out. Today I want to draw your attention to peg leg trousers. They seem to pop up this year. That's why it's essential to know the best ways to pull them off properly. The tapered, pleated trousers (also called peg leg and harem) have a great silhouette. This season we see them in awesome revamped styles, which for sure make you noticed in the streets or special parties. There is a tricky way of wearing this trendy item. If you want to pull off them without looking like you are wearing your mother's 1990's basics, then you should take a closer view at the following Polyvore sets. Denim/cotton designs are best for casual days, while wool fabric will suit for formal dress code and silken fabric best suits party occasions. As you can see, there are awesome ways how you can combine this piece for work, office and business meetings.

Trendy Ways To Wear Peg Leg Trousers 2019

Team the black bottoms with eye-catching black polka dot white t-shirt, floppy hat, Chanel quilted tote and pale blue high-heel sandals.

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11 Ways To Wear Statement Collar Coats

I'd like to draw your attention to statement collar coats, which are great to wear this season. The following compilation features 11 ways to style your voguish cover-up with daily basics. This type of outerwear is a great piece for showing-off. As you can see, there are numerous ways how you can put together different looks with his awesome cover-up. I tried to search for the best styles to wear this cold season. The following range consists of street style appropriate essentials, which guarantee you to look fabulous in the streets of your big city. Each of these styles make you feel remarkably comfortable, while looking opulent. As you can see, there are awesome updates with luxe finishes. All in all, why don't you cover up yourself in glamorous outerwear designs.

11 Ways To Wear Statement Collar Coats 2019

Here we see 1960's inspired look, which features a swingy retro coat with pale pink fur collar.

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How to Wear Women’s Trench Coats

Stylish trench coats will never go out of style, as it's already a timeless wear, which underlines women's chicness and femininity. The following outerwear garment helps to create city chic looks. Lots of women have this light-weight outerwear in their closets, however, not all ladies can correctly style it with their daily basics. Today I want to show you best Polyvore tips on how to wear women's trenches. The modern city woman chooses elegance instead of bright trends, that's why it's okay to see classic outfitted women in the streets. There are light, loose-fit options for a laid-back wear. As you can see from the images below, this outerwear can be styled with casual chinos, jeans, formal skirts and trousers. In short, the traditional trench is not only basic wardrobe staple, but it's also a sophisticated item, which is perfect for various occasions.

How to Wear Women's Trench Coats 2019

Keep it elegant and modern by choosing the double-breasted, belted style, which is ideal for wearing with statement aviator sunglasses, white bag and peep-toe studded booties.

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Women’s Eyeglasses Trends & How to Find the Perfect Frames

Today I want to share with you some interesting women's eyeglasses trends and perfect frames styles which can be combined with your everyday and work outfits. No matter if you love wearing hipster, classic or Tomboy style clothes, the glasses is the only accessory, which makes your look unique and individual. For instance, we see two girls wearing the same clothes, but one of them appears in geeky chic opticals, and it's true to say, that the one who wears glasses has a finished look. The frames should enhance not conceal your face. The one and only rule of choosing the right frames is to pick out the ones which are opposite to your face shape, this will balance the features of your face. Another thing is about make-ups, if you want to show off your gorgeous shades, then it's better to choose the clear frames, which will make your make-up stand out. Anyway, the most important aspect for us before buying opticals is how they look on our face.

Women's Eyeglasses Trends & How to Find the Perfect Frames 2019

Here we see a sporty glam look, which features circled frames with cat-eye detail.

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How To Style Ponchos

We want to share with you possible ways of how to style ponchos. You are about to see some casual as well as formal outfit ideas for women. We are going to reveal some secrets of how you can look fashionably by wearing this timeless piece. Many brands and retailers offer us some classic versions of this amazing clothing outfit, as we see beautiful double cross-breast buckle and drapes, which make this dress look romantic, while other designers offer us cropped versions, as well as loose-fit knee-length raiments, which can be complemented with turbans. We love open-chest designs, that look like large scarves, but make you look elegant. You can always style a hooded version that look more like capes to us (and remind of Little Red Riding Hood) with a statement belt at the waist.

How To Style Ponchos 2019

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How to wear black skinny jeans

I think there is no need saying that skinny jeans are in favorite by many stylists, brands, women, bloggers etc. for already several seasons. That's most important part of every stylish girl/woman wardrobe. Today this kind of style can be found in every shop. Why is it so? Well, it's super versatile wardrobe piece and it goes perfect with completely everything, starting from semi-formal attire to casual days looks. I personally love black skinny jeans as they go amazing with anything that I try on.

How to wear black skinny jeans 2019
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Warm Clothing to Wear Now

It looks like I have found a great solution for you, as I'd like to share with you warm and cozy garments that will safe your warmth and make you look trendy. I have gathered some looks, that will make you stand out the crowd. If you think that making your winter wardrobe is quite difficult job, then believe me, that's not true, as it's easy as 1,2,3. I have chosen 4 different styles that look the same perfect and make you stand out. So, let's have a look at these creations.

Warm Clothing to Wear Now 2019

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Boyfriend Jeans Style Looks

This season boyfriend jeans are coming back in fashion world, why? It's simple, they are comfortable and can be styled with many outfits. Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite style looks that are perfect with boyfriends.

Boyfriend Jeans Style Looks 2019

Pay attention to the accessories color palette, as it changes along with overall outfit color.

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