Green Apple Console “Diana”

The touches of the 1970's and disco club. Hey there, fashion and design readers! I've got some other great news from the world of design. Today I bring to your attention this marvelous console “Diana” from Green Apple Design Studio collection “Vibrant Home.” This beautiful creation comes with subtle curves enclosed by the straight lines, making it look unique and feminine.

Green Apple Console “Diana” 2019
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Green Apple Console Versalhes

A touch of Aristocrat. Today I want you to see and feel the elegance what is made by Green Apple design studio. It's console Versalhes from collection “Fashion Fresh.” The following creation takes us to other eras and makes us think of magnificent ballrooms of the European aristocracy.

Green Apple Console Versalhes 2019

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Green Apple Chandelier “Enlace”

If you are wondering how to liven up your room, then I recommend to take a closer look at this marvelous chandelier “Enlace” from my favorite Green Apple design studio team. The chandelier comes from “Fire & Ice” collection. The luster features golden circles what revolve around the light, involving and seducing each other into an endless hug of two passionate lovers, resulting on a unique, stunning and sophisticated piece. I am in love with its sophisticated look.

Green Apple Chandelier “Enlace” 2019
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Green Apple “Lisboa” Armchair

I've got another great creation from Portuguese Green Apple Home Style design team. Today I want you to have a look at “Lisboa” armchair from Green Apple “Fire & Ice” collection. The design of this chair is lightful, retro-inspired and cozy. I like the sophisticated touch what makes it look exquisite and very special.

Green Apple “Lisboa” Armchair 2019

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Green Apple Sideboard Sunshine

You might think this sideboard looks too much retro inspired, but believe me, once you take a closer look, you will change your mind. Green Apple design studio has created an elegant sideboard "Sunshine" what is an ideal addition to guest room. Personally, I like the contrasts created by the black toned cubes and the golden leaf ellipses. The sideboard was inspired by the forms and contrasts of ballet.

Green Apple Sideboard Sunshine 2019
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Green Apple Upholstered Table “Paris”

If you want to refresh your guest or lounge room, then you better take a look at this Upholstered Table “Paris” made by Green Apple Home Style design team. The following creation can be found in label's collection “Fire & Ice.” It's a perfect decoration what looks fresh and light. Personally, I think this table adds a romantic and naive touch to the room. The best part of this piece is the versatile look, what both suits modern and retro style rooms. The table is made of noble materials thanks to unique finishing techniques (artisanal application of capitoné, the golden-leaf lining and the aged mirror technique). This mesmerizing beauty evokes glamour and sophistication.

Green Apple Upholstered Table “Paris” 2019
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Closet “Bongó” – Green Apple Furniture

I am honored to share with you this gorgeous closet “Bongó” from “Fire & Ice” collection made by Green Apple home style design studio. High gloss cream lacquered wooden cabinet's legs are lined with golden leaf and doors upholstered in golden synthetic leather, finished with the unique Gomos effect. If you want to finish your guest room with a glamour and eye-catching furniture, then I highly recommend to buy this beautiful closet.

Closet “Bongó” - Green Apple Furniture 2019

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