Women’s Hipster Clothing Sets

In today's post I tried to include possible women's hipster clothing sets for the next year. You are about to see hipsters modern street style looks, which are easy-to-style and can easily update your wardrobe. The presented Polyvore compilation includes vintage, simple casual, totally black outfits, which are comfortable, functional and perfect for street wear. I personally like these garments for the touches of hippie, grunge and bohemian subculture. Most of the showcased looks feature skinny jeans, yet it's okay to dress boyfriends now. While, my favorite attribute of this style are ironic eyewear, which can be either oversized plastic framed glasses, Buddy Holly glasses, or authentic Wayfarers in all possible colors. Anyway, let's have a look my favorite wardrobe combinations:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2019

Keep it simple and try on pale pink pullover which can be worn with cut-offs, lace-up combat boots and bright nail colors.

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Country Hipster Style in SOPHNET Autumn-Winter Men’s Collection

This Fall-Winter collection's lookbook reminds me of country hipster style and I hope you will have the same feeling when you will look through Sophnet's latest catalogue. Here below you will find beautiful designs of Canadian Sweater cardigans, wool check vests, cashmere chester field coats, one point knit cardigans, hooded down blousons and many other casual style garments. Men’s Japanese fashion brand SOPHNET delivers us cold weather cozy styles, including outerwear like coats, vests and down jackets with lots action style separates. Love that special daily wear sophistication and minimal designs for multi-usage.

Country Hipster Style in SOPHNET Autumn-Winter Men's Collection 2019
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Vintage Hipster Girl in ASOS Autumn-Winter lookbook

Let's have a look into ASOS latest Fall-Winter collection's lookbook, which features kind of vintage hipster girl styles. I personally find these separates and accessories extremely wearable and superb comfortable, just take a closer look at those daywear shirtdresses, relaxed sweaters, shimmering dresses, leopard print sweaters, boyfriends, checkered shirtdresses, beanies, denim jackets, military green jumpsuits, statement scarves, cool shorts and plenty of other things.

Vintage Hipster Girl in ASOS Autumn-Winter lookbook 2019

I think these garments will be very interesting for those who admire relaxed and casual style.

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Real Hipster Style: Nick Wooster

Nick Wooster is modern dandy, gentleman, street style icon of nowadays fashion who mixes tattoo printed pantsuits with bow ties. He is a journalist and owns fashion-company Wooster Consultancy. He says it's quite funny to see how lots of people loose their money on garments that they can't style, that's why it's better to entrust to specialists like him. His inspiration comes from his grandpa.

Real Hipster Style: Nick Wooster 2019

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Hipster Must Haves

Today I’d like to tell you about the must haves of every hipster. If you are just a beginner and want to underline your hipster style, then I will share with you all the necessary things that should always be around you. So what do you need for a real hipster style look?

Hipster Must Haves 2019

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Hipster Tips or How to Become a Real Hipster

Today we are going to speak about Hipster tips for the next upcoming season. I think everyone knows that this name takes its beginning from the combination of words "to be hip." It's the clothing style, which identifies wearer's inner and outer freedom. The popularity of 21 century hipsters came this year.

Hipster Tips or How to Become a Real Hipster 2019

Paul McCartney (1970)

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Urban Hipster Style in Alder New York Spring-Summer Mens LookBook

Hipster goes out. New Spring-Summer collection from New York based clothing label Alder looks hipsterious to me, yet stylish and wearable. I love every piece, that is on the model, especially chambray denim top pieces and those neon green colors. Overall, I'd say it's a mix of casual, traditional classics and street inspired styles.

Urban Hipster Style in Alder New York Spring-Summer Mens LookBook 2019

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