Urban Traveler Style In PANDO Wear Fall

PANDO Wear presents their new Autumn collection entitled “New Trail.” This season takes us back to the Lithuanian brand's roots, offering us quality, functionality and strong denim products. It's all about urban adventurer, who is calm, but passionate and eager to move mountains. It feels like mountain climbers and travelers decided to take a tour around city center wearing functional and easy to style clothes.

Urban Traveler Style In PANDO Wear Fall 2019

I am so in love with this image. We see male and female models wearing functional black color coats, cuffed jeans, black ankle-length slip-ons and Oxford boots

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Why Should You Wear Fall Modern Streetwear Looks Made By Reality Studio

German designer Svenja Specht behind Reality Studio presents this Autumn season collection, what is full of ladies modern streetwear looks. The lookbook is full of everyday essentials updated with relaxed fits, eye-catching prints and colors. Designer's work is highly influenced by traditional clothing with its ancient craft techniques and cultural references.

Why Should You Wear Fall Modern Streetwear Looks Made By Reality Studio 2019

This scuba-inspired fiery-orange sweatshirt looks awesome! Try it on with your favorite day wear basics, like pleated ankle-length black trousers, chambray shirt and color-blocking loafers.

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Normcore Meets Functionality In Mees Design Fall Bags

MEES, where functionality meets fashion. Please welcome Dutch bags brand MEES. In today's post I want you to have a look through label's latest designs, what are great for outdoor activities, no matter if you are the city dweller or country side lover. The important thing what distinguishes this brand is the originality and stand out look. Original design is the prerogative of MEES, but it doesn't mean you can't use it as an everyday bag. Marius Mees Visser behind MEES loves what he does. He cuts and stitches his leather accessories all by himself.

Normcore Meets Functionality In Mees Design Fall Bags 2019

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Superdry Fall-Winter Women’s Clothes

Looking for a fresh, bright and colorful clothing? If yes, then I've got great news from Superdry! Please welcome its new Autumn season collection of women's urban street must-haves. Superdry has once again created perfect and functional garments for those women and ladies who want to sport something fun, cool and street wear appropriate. The new Winter collection includes printed leggings, jeans, glittering skirts, sweatpants, cool hoodies, dresses, pullovers, down vests, cozy outerwear and knitwear.

Superdry Fall-Winter Women's Clothes 2019

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Creative Hipsters Must-Haves In Monki Fall-Winter Campaign

HELLO WORLD, THIS IS MONKI! I'd like to introduce to you a fun, creative and trendy fashion retail band named Monki. Today, this small native Swedish brand has grown into multinational company with concept stores on two continents. We are going to observe Monki's Autumn season campaign, where fashion blogger Susie Bubble appears as a model. What is so special about this Winter collection anyway? The Scandi/Japanese mix of the Fall season does make this Monki collection stand out from their usual offerings with its wabi sabi inspired textures. If you are brace enough to stand out from the crowd and you don't care what people think, then these styles are real must-haves for you. I am so in love with unexpected and oversized separates, what make its wearer look individual.

Creative Hipsters Must-Haves In Monki Fall-Winter Campaign 2019

Susie appears with a cool hair bun and straight bangs wearing denim jacket atop black-and-white gingham shirt.

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Timberland Fall-Winter Campaign

This Autumn, Timberland reveals its new campaign “Made for the Modern Trail”, offering its men's and women's clients full outdoor wardrobe collection. It's time to redefine the outdoors, bringing it closer to the city. In other words, let your adventures begin in the city. These outfits are meant for unpredictable city and country weather, so, if it's a last minute journey, then you better choose Timberland. I see versatility, what is seen across footwear, apparel and accessories. One word you have to keep in your mind and it's adaptability, what is fundamental to any outfit of new Timberland's Winter collection.

Timberland Fall-Winter Campaign 2019

Parkas and jeans. It's an essential choice for hipsters and city dwellers. Complete the look by adding pom pom knitted beanie and cozy footwear.

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Functional Outerwear In w’lfg’ng Autumn-Winter

Munich based outerwear brand w'lfg'ng creating functional blousons, raincoats, and down jackets for men and women reveals its new Winter collection. I am proud to be one of the first ones to publish their Autumn lookbook. The Fall colletion was inspired by designers last year trip. Here is what they say about it: "Last year we went to a magical place at the other end of the world. We spend a few days in a wooden blockhouse, located in the high desert at an elevation of 7200 feet and situated on a flat plain in New Mexico. Although it was quite hot during daytime the mornings and evenings became very cold, which made us think of some traditional garments worn in the mountains back home...Spending those days away from civilization and encapsulated from the busy world we chatted about garments to reflect this idea of pure and rough nature. In the end we came up with a line up of parkers and winter blousons in Loden fabric padded with real down." Continue reading to find out more.

Functional Outerwear In w'lfg'ng Autumn-Winter 2019

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Surfers And Bikers Unite In Belstaff Resort Best Looks

Vice president of women's design in Belstaff, Delphine Ninous, showcased brand's new resort collection, which was inspired by the rugged beaches of Cornwall (surfers) and motorbike culture. There is kind of athletic touch, what makes every outfit look functional. These clothes are made for free-spirited woman who is super adventurous at heart. The modern hipster vibe makes this apparel look relaxed and versatile.

Surfers And Bikers Unite In Belstaff Resort Best Looks 2019

I am so in love with this leather biker jacket styled with white shirt tucked in khaki beige trousers.

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