20 Ways to Dress Like a Hippie

Remember Sixties and Seventies clothing? I remember fresh colors, bright hues and self-made styles. Today I want to share with you 20 awesome ways to dress like a real hippie. The following Polyvore collection consists of awesome clothing combinations, including psychedelic colors, tie dye shirts, maxi skirts, fringed accessories, shredded tops and many other interesting complements. Modern day hippies are different from the 60 and 70's ones. They may still be all about piece and love addicted, though the clothing is combined of various styles and trends. Today's hippies wear refreshing and individual outfits. This guide will give you the best tips to learn before making your personal wardrobe.

20 Ways to Dress Like a Hippie 2019

The tie dye T-shirt looks awesome with ripped, denim cut-offs, rounded black sunglasses, and glossy white flat slippers.

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How To Dress Like A Modern Hippie

Keep it bold and fun. Today I want to share with you various ways to dress like a modern hippie. This subculture was popular back in the 60's, but it seems like it's hitting back this year. Of course, designers have made some changes to the primal looks, making them modern but keeping the genuine hippie spirit. I personally love the way modern trends are combined with vintage basics. Each of the presented looks has that special transition from vintage to modern style. We see flowers, jacquards, lightweight separates, delicate accessories, loose-fit shapes and vibrant psychedelic prints. The best advice so far is to free your mind and get inspired by the 1960's hippie muses, including Marianne Faithful, Pattie Boyd and Anita Pallenberg.

How To Dress Like A Modern Hippie 2019

Hippie & Grunge. Try on a simple sleeveless T-shirt with a cat snout print that is paired with checkered black and red shirt, grey denim shorts, vintage brown leather satchel bag and black lace-up slip-ons.

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How To Style: Boho Chic

Let's talk about boho-chic style. Here below you will find some beautiful inspiration for youthful bohemian motive garments. Boho style is youthful fashion for creative people. If you would like to wear and style clothes like a real boho chic girl, then try to mix up hippies, vintage, military, ethnic and rock styles together.

How To Style: Boho Chic 2019
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Teddy bears and Hippie Style Clothing by Jeremy Scott x Adidas

Colorful Teddy Bear and Hippie Style Clothing. Jeremy Scott x Adidas offers fresh and childhood like ensembles mixed with Teddy Bear and Hippie colors. I would say it's a fresh look at casual dresses. This collection consists of bright floral prints, “psychedelic” and “flower” like styles and animal decors on clothing. Sweatshirts will be available with soft bears and bear ears on hoods as well as Teddy Bear like Adidas Originals sneakers. All garments will be available on the official website of Adidas.

Teddy bears and Hippie Style Clothing by Jeremy Scott x Adidas 2019

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