Short layered pixie haircut for inverted triangle and heart faces

If you do like short haircuts and you have inverted triangle or heart face shape, then I highly recommend you to try on this short layered pixie haircut. Why do I love this look, well it's quite simple- for its versatile shape, as you can try myriad of looks, starting from preppy one to messy and voluminous. I say play with texture and transform your hairstyle any way you want. I personally felt in love with a way this cut was freshen up with luxe wave design. If you want to highlight your eyes and elongate your neck, then you must try this cut. Check out this short pixie from different angles.

Short layered pixie haircut for inverted triangle and heart faces 2019
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Heart Faces Hairstyles

When I think ofheart-shaped faces, then the first person/celebrity that comes in my mind is Reese Witherspoon, the actress has a heart-shaped face and her hair always looks great. She appeared with long waves, shoulder-length bobs, curly hair etc. Keep in mind one thing, my dear fashionistas, that the heart-shaped face doesn't work with side-swept bangs, beacuse of a bit top heavy look, that's why you always have to balance the hairstyle. Never let your stylist cut your bangs too SHORT.

Heart Faces Hairstyles 2019

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite hairstyles that you can try if you have a heart face. Let's start from long bob, which highlights pretty face and you can always tie it up into a ponytail.

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