RARESOME “Strap Line” Handmade Bracelets For Winter

This time I want to share with you Korean label's Raresome handmade bracelets collection for winter season. The line is entitled "Strap Line." You are going to see original accessories that are ideal for wearing with casual and semi-formal outfits. What I do like about these pieces, then it's the quality and individuality that makes them unique and timelessly cool. Korean designer Sungkyu Han offers various braided bracelet styles in different color range, starting from turquoise, pale orange to brown, green and black. Hope you will like this collection the same as me.

RARESOME “Strap Line” Handmade Bracelets For Winter 2019
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RARESOME Winter Christmas Jewelry Edition

Hello Everyone! Today I want to share with you Korean designer brand Raresome winter Christmas jewelry edition. Label's designer SungKyu Han offers amazing limited edition creations which concept is modern and classy. I personally love the way SungKyu combined colors with emotional design (love the red and green color knits). Every piece looks great and ideal for teaming with your everyday looks. You are about to see three different bracelet designs made of qualitative wood and metal materials.

RARESOME Winter Christmas Jewelry Edition 2019
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RARESOME Winter “Classic Line” Handmade Bracelets

I have already shared with you Raresome Christmas line and now I want you to take a closer look at these gorgeous winter handmade "Classic Line" bracelets. Each design has an original look that is ideal for wearing at work, as well as formal events. Just imagine yourself wearing one of the following styles. I think you will automatically upgrade your look. We see timeless designs that are perfect for teaming with casual and cocktail attire. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these awesome pieces:

RARESOME Winter "Classic Line" Handmade Bracelets 2019

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Handmade Bracelets by RARESOME

In my previous post I shared with you RARESOME collection's lookbook and now I want to draw your attention to these still life images which feature Korean designer Sungkyu Han handmade jewelry products. Here are shown chic bracelets made of various fabrics. Each creation is a masterpiece which suits any wardrobe style. So, let's check out these awesome pieces.

Handmade Bracelets by RARESOME 2019
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RARESOME Handmade Jewelry Lookbook

Not so long time ago I've received an e-mail from Sung Kyu Han, who is Seoul (Korea) based designer of jewelry brand RARESOME. If you are reading this, then I must THANK YOU for warm comments about my blog and thank you for being fan of The Best Fashion Blog. Anyway, I'd like to share with you, my dear readers, this awesome black and white images of Sung Kyu Han latest collection of handmade bracelets, which appear to be high qualitative and creative (love the one with skulls). The great thing about these hand accessories is that each of them suits any style, no matter if you are wearing classic, rock, punk, grunge style clothes. Anyway, let's take a closer view at these cool must-haves:

RARESOME Handmade Jewelry Lookbook 2019
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