Handmade and individually designed Wallpapers from Luku Home

In today's post we are going to observe handmade and individually designed wallpapers from new boutique interiors store Luku Home. You are going to see exclusive and vibrant range of patterned and colorful wallpapers, including children's range. I am pretty sure, the following patterns and colors will suit a variety of rooms in your house. All the showcased designs were inspired by contemporary, traditional and vintage themes. In other words saying, the following paperhangings for sure will bring your room to life and transform it immediately. Each style is unique and comes with its own story.

Handmade and individually designed Wallpapers from Luku Home 2019

Haiku style features Japanese floating flowers and herons in contrasting colors. UK based designer Katja Behre offers three different exciting colors (purple, gold and turquoise). That's a bespoke "made to order" item.
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Veras Summer Timeless Shoes

Spanish brand Veras (founded in 2010) reveals its updated line of summer shoes. We have chance to see new season's footwear designs the Bibao style which is available in Cohiba and premium suede with rubber sole, leather laces and leather insoles. Each pair is made in Spain. We see four distinct colors including mustard khaki, brownish khaki, blue and pinstripe blue. You can buy them online at verashoes.com

Veras Summer Timeless Shoes 2019

You can wear each pair with jeans, chinos, tailored cuffed trousers or shorts this summer.

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Handmade Bracelets by RARESOME

In my previous post I shared with you RARESOME collection's lookbook and now I want to draw your attention to these still life images which feature Korean designer Sungkyu Han handmade jewelry products. Here are shown chic bracelets made of various fabrics. Each creation is a masterpiece which suits any wardrobe style. So, let's check out these awesome pieces.

Handmade Bracelets by RARESOME 2019
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RARESOME Handmade Jewelry Lookbook

Not so long time ago I've received an e-mail from Sung Kyu Han, who is Seoul (Korea) based designer of jewelry brand RARESOME. If you are reading this, then I must THANK YOU for warm comments about my blog and thank you for being fan of The Best Fashion Blog. Anyway, I'd like to share with you, my dear readers, this awesome black and white images of Sung Kyu Han latest collection of handmade bracelets, which appear to be high qualitative and creative (love the one with skulls). The great thing about these hand accessories is that each of them suits any style, no matter if you are wearing classic, rock, punk, grunge style clothes. Anyway, let's take a closer view at these cool must-haves:

RARESOME Handmade Jewelry Lookbook 2019
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Handmade Headbands by Aigul’ Kassymova

Kazakhstan designer Aigul' Kassymova reveals her handmade collection of women's headbands. You have got to admit, these extravagant headpieces, which first were seen on Lana Del Rey, are so popular nowadays, as we see them in various fashion blogs and magazines worldwide. This summer comes with truly beautiful creations, which are made of artificial flowers and fruits. I think every girl dreams about having a unique headband, which would compliment her airy gown during warm days. Indeed, that's a perfect accessory for any outfit from casual anytime-wear to a formal spring dress. Those ladies who are looking for a hair accessory that stands out from the crowd, then keep attention to these awesome and colorful pieces, which will underline your uniqueness during special occasions. Choose your favorite one:

Handmade Headbands by Aigul' Kassymova 2019

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Corrado Giuspino Exclusive HandMade Jewellery

Italian jewelry designer and producer Corrado Giuspino presented new exclusive handmade jewelry collection which consists of awesome architectural and geometric shapes inspired by architecture. This season comes with exclusive metals, precious stones, strong lines, bold colors and contemporary designs. This lookbook features voluptuous rings and earrings in white or rose gold, embellished with sparkling diamonds. Love the natural hues which give a perfect modern elegance look. It's a timeless collection which is modernized for today's wearing. You are about to see several themes which feature beautiful sets of exclusive handmade jewelry. All in all, Giuspino offers elegant, sparkling creations which for sure make a striking effect during special occasion or formal event.

Corrado Giuspino Exclusive HandMade Jewellery 2019
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