High Heels by Yves Saint Laurent

High Heel Trends by YSL. Yves Saint Laurent which is now known as Saint Laurent presents the most beautiful and strong high heel collection for women. This label was founded by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, their designs are extremely popular, creative and wearable. Today, I am going to share with you brand's special production line- shoes. Our topic is about luxe high heel shoes and how they fit for different occasions. One thing is for sure, every high heel shoe is produced by expensive and fine leather. Most of YSL shoes are classified as dress and classic shoes, meaning, that they are suitable for evening events, business meetings, work and formal parties. Shoes colors vary from red, black, blue and quite colors, like beige, white and silver. By the way these silver high heels are so must have for prom.

High Heels by Yves Saint Laurent 2019

If you want classic look, then I advise you to choose classic models, like stiletto, which come with metal heels and even cylindrical shaped wooden heels.

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