Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Let's talk about platinum blonde hair colors, as this color is becoming popular this year. So, if it happened so, that you decided going platinum, for white blonde hair color, then let me tell you couple of things about it. This color can change and even redefine your look. This color makes a statement, as it's bold and fits those who adore retro styles as well as those who admire modern fashion trends. One thing is known for sure do it right or don't do it at all, so if you want you hair to look platinum blonde, then I advise you to go directly to the hair salon, only professionals can make it right. Here are shown some images for your inspiration, hope you will make the right choice.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color 2019

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Platinum blonde hairstyles

Today I am going to share with you images of this year's popular hair color hairstyles. As you have already noticed, many celebrities and actresses choose platinum blonde color, that's why it's my mission to share with you the best styles that you can try with that kind of color. If you want to wear this kind of color, then I advise you to go directly in a salon and make it there, as only professionals can make it look best. So, if you already have this kind of color, then here are showcased the possible options of the hairstyle. As you can see there are possibilities to make it short, long or medium.

Platinum blonde hairstyles 2019

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Elegant Hairstyles for Round Faces (Pictures)

Hello my dear Fashionistas! Today's topic is called elegant hairstyles for round faces. I'd like to share with you this beautiful compilation of great styles which will underline your uniqueness and beauty. Let's start from long layers, as it's my favorite look which can be opted by many style lovers. When you will meet your stylist, remember to ask for layers that start slightly below the chin and (!) are angled outward NOT INWARD! Thanks to outward layers your face will be opened and look a bit longer. When you style it, please make sure to curl your sections away from your face. I think you already dig it, so that we can proceed to the next hairstyle.

Elegant Hairstyles for Round Faces (Pictures) 2019

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Women Hairstyles: Long Sleek Hair With Headband

Today we are going to speak about long sleek hair and headbands, or using headbands with your sleek hair. I think every girl or a woman had days full of holiday parties, events and full working days, when there is no time and head goes crazy where is no time for a perfect preparation. So, if you have only five minutes to get ready, then the only thing is to use some accessories that will make your look fresh and cool.

Women Hairstyles: Long Sleek Hair With Headband 2019
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Long Locks Hair Extensions

Today I am going to share with you images of women's hair extensions for long locks. I think you all know about this procedure which gives you a true feminine look. Thanks to modern technologies you can extend your hair as much as you want and your locks will look natural as never before. In this compilation you will find all possible variations of today's hair extension technologies.

Long Locks Hair Extensions 2019

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Celebrity Hairstyles: Beehive hairdo Updo

Let's make something vintage yet trendy at the same time, what it's going to be, well I advise you to try a beehive updo, which is so on trend this year among many celebrities. This type of hairdo appeared on the big screnes in the late of 1950's. In today's fashion worlds beehive updos are making a huge comeback, as many Hollywood stars and celebrities appear on the red carpet wearing exactly beehive updos.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Beehive hairdo Updo 2019

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Messy Bun hairstyles (Pictures)

There is one hairstyle which never goes out of fashion and it's the Bun, well there is nothing surprising, as the bun is classic and timeless hairstyle which is versatile and makes your persona unique and can personalize your look for any occasion. There are known many styles, starting from flirty to funky, casual to the prom or chic to romantic, it's all up to you, which of the bun style you will choose. I tell you more, you can even make it feminine graceful or charming cute, everything is up to you my dear girls.

Messy Bun hairstyles (Pictures) 2019

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Soft Layered Hairstyles

Soft Layered hairstyles becoming fashionable these days and it seems like they are going to stay in the world of voguish hairstyles at least for couple of years more. Today, I will share with you a great compilation of these chic soft layered hairstyle images.

As you already understood by the name, the following hairstyle features a hair cut which consists of many layers but it doesn’t look cluttered.

Soft Layered Hairstyles 2019

This style features top layer with short and long hair up towards the end, where the coiffure gets the hair layered from front to go down. I love those hairstyles for creativity and innovation

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Voguish Braided Updo Hairstyle

Let me share with you some really voguish braided updo hairstyle ideas that will drive crazy not only you but all the people around you. Here are presented interesting ideas that can be designed without any troubles and all these styles are DIY. That's why I suggest you to take a closer look at these timeless braided updos which are best for casual as well as for formal wear.

Voguish Braided Updo Hairstyle 2019
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