Denim Shorts That Are Always Cool, Never Basic And Look Perfect

Brace yourselves, as the shorts season has begun! Well, maybe not if you live in a relatively cold country, but it is time to find some of the best denim shorts around, anyways. Cozy, fresh and edgy, these spring and summer denim shorts will help anyone create the perfect outfit all summer long, whether the plan for the day is a night out with friends or a chill afternoon wandering around the city. Perfect when matched with a pair of white sneakers, one of this season’s hottest trends, short denim shorts are an investment for sure, and I managed to find the best denim shorts around just for you!

Denim Shorts That Are Always Cool, Never Basic And Look Perfect 2019

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Boho Inspired Dresses You Should Try This Year

I guess it's time to speak about boho fashion. In today's article I am going to share with you incredible bohemian inspired dresses you all should try this year. This style is one of my favorites, as you can be as creative as you want! Plus, you are free to mix up boho with hippie, grunge and rock looks. I don't see any problem why you can't play with different styles by making yourself look more creative, unique and trendy. I always try to have the best of both fashion worlds. What you need is to unleash your inner goddess by finding a perfect boho attire. That's why I am offering you this collection of chic and beautiful boho gowns.

Boho Inspired Dresses You Should Try This Year 2019

We see a dark blue sleeveless maxi gown in muted red heart print. An ideal choice for wearing to music festivals.

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Layered and Minimalistic Is Trend of the Moment: Susa Kreuzberger Fall

Today I want to make a review of designer brand Susa Kreuzberger Autumn collection. Thanks to this season's collection we have an idea what we might be wearing for next month. As you can see, designer keeps on experimenting with the stylistic device of deconstruction. Personally, I like the way she manages to harmonize various combinations, uniformity and make stable constructions get undone and look very individual.

Layered and Minimalistic Is Trend of the Moment: Susa Kreuzberger Fall 2019

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Ideal Fall Outfits To Make A Statement In The Crowd by INSHADE

INSHADE designer and co-owner Maria Smirnova revealed Autumn season collection runway show during Moscow Fashion Week. This year's collection was inspired by the intricate mix of interest for constructivism, Varvara Stepanova`s theatrical projects, uniforms, prison garb and needlework, image of Little Red Riding Hood, and David Bowie.

Ideal Fall Outfits To Make A Statement In The Crowd by INSHADE 2019

This navy colored wrap robe-coat cinched at the waist with a black leather belt looks like a prison garb to me.

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If You Are Addicted To Punk Style, Then You Gonna Love Cheap Monday Fall

Hello Everyone! I have already covered Cheap Monday men's and women's collections Autumn season runway shows. Now, it's time to view brand's lookbook images. Swedish brand was inspired by the film “Lord of the Flies.” The punk style aesthetic is revealed from a new angle, where everything looks a bit different.

If You Are Addicted To Punk Style, Then You Gonna Love Cheap Monday Fall 2019

Keep it cool, original and strange. We see male model, who appears in a black look, wearing heavy knit beanie, original looking varsity jacket, striped top and black sheepskin trousers paired with white laces combat boots. Female model looks great in grey fedora, gingham shirt, striped scarf, printed top, light grey sweat-shorts and velvet block low heel shoes. An ideal layering look.

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Marciano Guess Autumn-Winter Women’s Clothes

Another great looking product images are here. This time, we are going to observe Marciano Guess Fall collection. This year's cold season features glamour, practical and slim-fit separates made of high-quality fabrics. This Winter season is all about monochromatic garments colored in mostly black and white colors. If you are one of those ladies, who likes to be in center of everyone's attention, but doesn't want to look like a Christmas tree (by this I mean all kind of colorful, sequined dresses and vibrantly printed separates), then you are more than welcomed to view this lookbook.

Marciano Guess Autumn-Winter Women's Clothes 2019

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Post-Apocalyptic Urban Nomad Looks In NICHOLAS K Fall

This time I've got something special to share with you. In today's post I want to draw your attention to Nicholas K runway show and its lookbook Autumn season collection. This time, brother-and-sister designers were inspired by 1920's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. It appears that the silent horror film distorted and abstracted collection's set. It feels like Victorian era and steampunk were mixed up, so that every outfit looks unique.

Post-Apocalyptic Urban Nomad Looks In NICHOLAS K Fall 2019

I am so in love with these rounded sunglasses. A kind of creative steampunk touch is felt in these shades.

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Casual Jackets To Wear This Fall

What is the best jacket to wear from mornings to evenings? It's casual jacket my dear reader. In today's post we are going to look through my favorite designs from various designer brands what are great for wearing this Autumn season. Why do I like these cover-ups? They are simple, relaxed, versatile and fit any body shape. Plus they are highly adaptable for any outfit. I mean you can dress up or down and still your jacket will look impeccable on you. The trick is to make everything look balanced on you.

Casual Jackets To Wear This Fall 2019

Brand Badlands keeps things simple and functional offering us a black navy field jacket what will ideally fit our everyday outfits. As you can see, there is a chance to complete the look by adding wide-brim hat and leather leggings in black.

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Bold & Functional GUESS Women’s Footwear For Fall-Winter

When it comes to bold and functional footwear, then no one has better styles to offer than GUESS brand. I am proud to share with you GUESS Autumn season women's shoes collection, what is full of bright designs, starting from lace-up block heel combat boots, ankle-boots, patent black high boots to hiking styles, slip-ons and evening appropriate ones. Speaking of versatility, then I can think of so many interesting styles to try, starting from biker chic, grunge girl to smart-casual lady and cocktail party looks. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

Bold & Functional GUESS Women's Footwear For Fall-Winter 2019

These brown leather styles are definitely worth trying this fall. Believe me, there are so many interesting ways of wearing them with your everyday essentials.

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