Bespoke Jewelery From Code Love

If you want yourself something personalized and bespoke, then I highly recommend you to take a look at these fine jewelry creations from Code Love. Every piece from Code Love is very special made of gold, rose gold or silver. It's all about the subtle art of sharing something beautiful and meaningful. I love the simplicity of almost every piece, as well as heartfelt secret messages that are made thanks to Morse code. You are going to find here stackable diamond rings, wrap leather and semi-precious stone bracelets, as well as semi-precious stone pendants and delicate floating sterling silver and gold necklaces.

Bespoke Jewelery From Code Love 2019

This bracelet will look awesome if you will appear in a blue or green dress. You can add a glamour black bag to the look.

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Eye-Catching Accessories In Maiyet Spring-Summer

In today's post I am going to share with you an awesome spring-summer collection of women's rings and cuffs made by New York based label Maiyet. You are going to find luxurious creations with sensible details. The summer season features elegant jewelry styles made by Kenya, Peru and Columbia artisans. These are great products for those ladies who are in love with beautiful items that exude femininity and stylishness. I personally felt in love with these artisanal creations. Every single piece from entire collection is designed for those who recognize quality and seek for something special and rare.

Eye-Catching Accessories In Maiyet Spring-Summer 2019

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Luxury Diamond Gold Earrings

If you want something sophisticated and luxury, then let me share with you this awesome collection of diamond gold earrings. All these models will for sure underline your beauty, individuality and style. I tried to search for those designs which will ideally suit your evening outfit, no matter if it's a dress of a pantsuit. As you can see, the presented styles have ideal shapes and sizes. Each item comes with great accents, making your ears sparkling. All these charming products will for sure make you noticed in the crowd. No matter what trends does fashion brings, remember that fine jewelry will always give you fun and playful addition to your overall attire. So, if you are looking for a luxe and timeless jewelry, then you came to the right place, darling.

Luxury Diamond Gold Earrings 2019

Jennifer Meyer mini star stud earrings are ideal for special events like birthdays and prom nights.

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Chanel Vintage Earrings

I have found a great collection of Chanel vintage earrings which are timelessly cool and eye-catching. The following compilation consists of great styles, which will definitely match any outfit, no matter if it's casual or formal look. Earrings are the most perfect accessories, which frame your face and make you look polished and make your overall look completed. In today's post I want to share with you the best ears jewelry which will bring some drama to your outfit. Here we see sparkling feminine designs, classically vintage updates and “extremely rare” vintage pieces, which are ideal for wearing with elegant work outfits. All in all, I hope this collection will inspire you:

Chanel Vintage Earrings 2019

The rope like embossing gives these chunky vintage Chanel earrings a nautical feel. I personally love these styles for a simple look.

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Must Have: Paula Mendoza Women’s Jewelry

Columbian designer Paula Mendoza is inspired by the interest in the history and mythology of ancient cultures. New collection from Paula Mendoza is a reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra. As you all know, snake is a reasonable symbol for Cleopatra (she always associates with them), as we see lots of movies and books where queen plays with them or wears snake inspired jewelry. Egyptian cobra considered to be symbol of power in the dynasties of pharaohs, while the last queen was killed by the snake's bite. So, the latest Paula Mendoza's jewelry collection reminds me of those "queen snakes," which are gathered together from different-sized balls. All the showcased pieces are massive, though each jewelry looks lightweight and easy-to wear and style.

Must Have: Paula Mendoza Women's Jewelry 2019

As you can see model appears wearing those snake-inspired jewelry pieces which are eye-catching and statement.

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Gold Accessories by Ralph Lauren

American brand Ralph Lauren which is known worldwide as a luxe sportswear pioneer reveals its season's gold accessories line, which features amazing footwear and bags. The color palette includes shades of navy, cream, black, and gold. That's a precious line, which has precious and sophisticated products, like the bag in polka dots, gold patent tiny little shoulder bag, golden pumps, patent navy high-heel sandals and polka dotted clutch. I love the showcased gold color carry-on bag, which is an ideal piece to take with you on vacation.

Gold Accessories by Ralph Lauren 2019

How about wearing this cute and eye-catching bag after work at some special party?

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Aurelie Bidermann Fall-Winter Women’s Jewelry

Aurélie Bidermann creates women's jewelry which is a real must-have for any lady. Today I want to share with you hers latest Fall-Winter season's collection, which includes creative designs of beautiful cuffs, statement rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. All these statement pieces are meant for versatile occasions, starting from work to an everyday wear. Love the bohemian and glamour vibes which appear in these awesome creations. Her designer brand is known worldwide and it's no surprise why these luxe pieces attracted designers like Proenza Schouler and Jason Wu, as well as celebrities, including Sofia Coppola, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé. Here are presented branches, leaves, knits (braided), keys inspired rings, bracelets and necklaces. All in all, if you want timeless classics, then these unique and precious creations are meant for you.

Aurelie Bidermann Fall-Winter Women's Jewelry 2019
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INES Atelier Jewelry Lookbook

INES Atelier Jewelry line was established after the initial success of brand's ready to wear women's collection. Today I want to share with you this year's unique, distinctive, confident and prosperous jewelry collection, which complements and underlines the main philosophy of the fashion brand. Today's modern woman, seeks for fashion garments and accessories which would not only compliment her overall look, but also remain timeless, classy and elegant making her self-confident and graceful. The showcased collection is feminine, stylish and comfortable. I love that special touch of timeless hand-made glamor.

INES Atelier Jewelry Lookbook 2019

Emerald green and grey Swarovski and Ralton crystals chain earrings.

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Women’s Jewelry by Wilhelmina Garcia

In today's post I want to share with you my favorite jewelry collection made by talented designer brand Wilhelmina Garcia. This jewelry brand offers handcrafted creations made in unexpected designs, where every piece looks timeless and iconic. Every piece is designed and produced in Barcelona (Spain) in-house at the studio. All collections are inspired by European iconography, different circumstances and romantic designs. All the showcased pieces are made for those people who seek for something special and unique.

Women's Jewelry by Wilhelmina Garcia  2019

Here we see bone and bird daw rings in gold and silver, as well as bird scull necklace.

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Alex Monroe Autumn-Winter “The Haberdashery” Collection

British designer Alex Monroe is a real master of creating new and modern jewelry collections. Remember his Floral Fayre collection, which was inspired by florals. Today we want to share with you his latest Fall-Winter "The Haberdashery" collection, which takes a step away from the natural world and takes us into a much loved form of craft- sewing. The ornate details look creative and very individual, just look at these marvelous birds, little scissors, knit bows, needles, sweet books, thimbles and other cute and unique gold and silver made little figures. I personally love each handmade impeccable ornate creations. These awesome designs will for sure underline your uniqueness and make you look elegant and charming as never before. All in all, it's an awesome sewing box-inspired collection.

Alex Monroe Autumn-Winter "The Haberdashery" Collection 2019

In line scissors necklace with perching sewing bird gold plated with silver details.

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