Top 10 Women’s Gifts For New Year

Well, it's only one month before the New Year's Eve, right? I think you have to hurry up before midnight to buy your special woman an awesome gift. The thing is that every lady has her own wishes and you have to know, what she's thinking of. If it's a very first time when you celebrate New Year with your woman, then it can be so, that you still don't know her taste, what she likes, dislikes, right? So, my mission for today was to gather all universal gifts, products, accessories in one place, so you can look through and choose what might be in her interest. Let's have a detailed look at the following New Tear's awesome women gifts:

Top 10 Women's Gifts For New Year 2019

That's a chic piece from RABLABS . A photo frame in smoke shade made of a slice of polished agate.
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Leith Clark x Warby Parker Glasses Collection

Let me share with you this amazing collaboration between stylist Leith Clark (the founder of Lula Magazine) and glasses fashion brand Warby Parker. So, their collaboration comes with five different eyewear styles, that are not only eye-catching but also timeless. Each of these dreamy specimens are charming and I personally have that vintage feel, which features every of the presented glasses. Leith and Warby Parker were inspired by smart-looking and smart-thinking individualists, that's why the taste and touch of colors are really outstanding and original. So, I advice you to make your every day very special and try o one of these creative pairs. What is more important is that these eyeglasses are great to almost any outfit.

Leith Clark x Warby Parker Glasses Collection 2019
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Moncler Lunettes x Pharrell Williams Glasses Collection

Remember my post about the collaboration between Moncler and Pharell Williams (here is the link), so today I have chance to share with you this eyewear limited edition campaign which features artist and style icon Pharrell Williams wearing these cool designs in a dark background. I personally like these futuristic unisex mask frames made from titanium and other modern styles. See the campaign and behind the scenes images.

Moncler Lunettes x Pharrell Williams Glasses Collection 2019
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Stylish Sunglasses and Glasses in Cutler and Gross Spring-Summer Campaign

Summer days will be perfect if you will wear your favorite sunglasses, that's why I'd like to share with you Cutler and Gross latest Spring-Summer collection's campaign which features next season's stylish sunglasses and optical glasses for men and women. New campaign was shot in outdoor, where models Alastair Coldrey and Remy Green enjoy sunny weather wearing Cutler and Gross creations. Models are styled in timeless pieces, like twill trousers, crisp oxfords, formal shirts and label's signature eyewear. As you already noticed, label offers wide range of styles, starting from circle frame eyewear to rectangular frames. Love that relaxed picnic style setting in this campaign.

Stylish Sunglasses and Glasses in Cutler and Gross Spring-Summer Campaign 2019
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Pharrell Williams for Moncler Eyeglasses

Fashion brand Moncler announced about the collaboration with Pharell Williams (American singer, composer, producer and Grammy's three-time winner). Pharrell Williams will make new eyewear collection for Moncler Lunettes. It will consist of men's and women's sunglasses. The sunglasses in titan frames which are positioned as "something in between of 1950's and futurism" will be officially presented in Paris, 26 September.

Pharrell Williams for Moncler Eyeglasses 2019

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Google Glass and a Futuristic Vision of Fashion in Vogue

The modern fashion world meets gadgets. It's no surprise that technical gadgets are becoming popular in the world of fashion, well it's obvious, as every single day we are using them, so it's up to the fashion world how popular are they going to be. We all remember iPhone and colored Mac's, yet it's quite long time we didn't see something fresh and fashionable.

Google Glass and a Futuristic Vision of Fashion in Vogue 2019

Today we have chance to see Google's latest invention Google Glass which participated in Vogue's photoshoot.
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Porsche Design Eyeglasses

Porsche Design presents its eyewear collection's catalogue for men and women. As you already noticed, each pair of these glasses are designed with high quality, unique functionality. Only the highest quality materials were selected to create these chic and beautiful accessories. Each pair was created with traditional craftsmanship with combination of modern technologies. Here below you will find timeless and luxury styles of Porsche Design glasses and sunglasses.

Porsche Design Eyeglasses 2019

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Top-20 Colorful Sunglasses For Women

Today I'd like to share with you top-20 colorful sunglasses that are trendy and perfect for sunny days. Here you will find gorgeous designs from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Oliver Peoples, Opening Ceremony, Prada, Ray-Ban, Sheriff & Cherry, Spitfire, The Row, Carrera, Celine, Dolce & Gabbana and many others.

Top-20 Colorful Sunglasses For Women 2019

My personal favorites are Spitfire round glasses with bottle-green glasses, "butterfly" Dior sunglasses and Celine design in blue geometric frames. Which ones will be in your wish list?

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Cool Trend: Transparent Glasses Frames

Today I'd like to share with you a great compilation of retro eyeglasses with an upscale feel, yes, I am talking about glasses with clear frames. Transparent eyeglasses are comfortable and thanks to sturdy plastic body they look stylish and trendy. What I love the most about transparent frames is that they look great almost on everyone. Nowadays fashion offers lots of cool retro inspired, modern and classic transparent frames.

Cool Trend: Transparent Glasses Frames 2019

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