Preppy Loose-Fit Architectural Garments In Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall

What really amazes everyone in Giorgio Armani collections is the suits. He is a real master of creating fabulous and individual pantsuits that are not only masculine, yet versatile and comfortable. The women's pre-Fall comes with mannish, clear and bold lines that made almost every look minimalistic and rigorous, while the prints made it a bit softer. I personally love that special preppy loose-fit touch that is seen through architectural silhouettes. The masculine appeal is softened with colors and special details. Speaking of color palette, then it's tranquil, consisting of pale blue, black pale white and dark purple. Giorgio Armani reworked some of his well-known micro-graphic patterns, combining them with his architectural proportions. The garments are laconic, while there are seen eye-catching "unnecessary" details, like the wrap, statement belts, cuts, etc.

Preppy Loose-Fit Architectural Garments In Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall 2018

The robe-like coat in black color is belted at the waist. The model wears this outerwear with creatively printed slim trousers.

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Giorgio Armani “Frames of Life” Eyewear

Please welcome Giorgio Armani "Frames of Life" eyewear collection. The new collection is inspired by the "everyday life fragments". The line isn't so big, it consists of four frame shapes, including stylized retro inspired models AR 6016J, AR7028 and AR7004 (tortoiseshell and titanium frames) which remind me of GA first glasses issued in 1989. Each design comes with sun and optical lenses. I personally love the ideal look, quality and vintage appeal.

Giorgio Armani "Frames of Life" Eyewear 2018

Wear this design at work or at the party.

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Giorgio Armani Fall-Winter Casual and Embroidered Looks

Grayish touches are seen in the latest Giorgio Armani Autumn-Winter collection's runway show. Italian designer has chosen darker colors, like gray and black with the hints of acid lime and a bit of white. I personally consider lime as an eye-catching and standout color, which represents avant-garde. The next autumn features relaxed and classic tailored looks, so prepare yourself to see comfortable clothing sets, including jackets with rounded shoulders, easy coats, slim-fit trousers that felt at the ankle, knit coats, cardigan jackets, while the evening wear line included such essentials, as crystal embroidered gowns, black jackets, fluid green pajama pants. The overall mood was casual with a lot of pretty gowns and embroideries.

Giorgio Armani Fall-Winter Casual and Embroidered Looks 2018
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Giorgio Armani Handbags Spring-Summer

I'd like to share with you my dear fashion readers this gorgeous collection of beautiful purses and handbags from Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer collection. As you have already noticed, this accessory line is creative, luxurious and statement. I simply felt in love with those clutches, handbags, and shoulder bags. As the theme of the spring collection is “Lights and Shadows,” the brand showcased multi-colored bags with dreamy shades of pink, purple and blue. My favorite piece is the tote and the clutch bag with glittering florals made of sparkling sequins and beads.

Giorgio Armani Handbags Spring-Summer 2018
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Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer Shoes For Women

Please welcome Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer Shoes collection, which is classy, elegant and timeless. We all love Giorgio Armani and this time I felt in love with him even more, as I see the real woman's needs, I mean just take a closer view and you will see all those high standards, quality and real masterpiece designs. Love those booties, high sandals, pumps, sandals with plexiglass heels. Each pair is made of the softest leather, no complaints at all. I really expect they will be in high quality as I saw its previous collections that featured really comfortable and practical designs, if you already had chance to try them on, please comment below.

Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer Shoes For Women 2018
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Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall Elegant and Sophisticated

Please welcome Giorgio Armani pre-Fall collection of women's elegant and sophisticated designs, which are inspired by the retro motifs. Let's have a closer look at these tailored looks, as you already noticed the masculine wool tailoring was the key motif in GA's collection. Next pre-season comes with sleek silhouettes, and playful, girlish styles, as well as comfortable suiting with straight lines and laconic shapes. Here you will find well-cut jackets, velvet double-breasted blazers, mid-length trousers and coats, roomy stretch-wool pants, micro geometric pattern woolen blazers and voluminous mint green wool coats.

Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall Elegant and Sophisticated 2018
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Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Campaign

Here are fresh images of the latest Giorgio Armani Cosmetics campaign for this season. Fashion model Saskia de Brauw appears in beauty advertisement of this gorgeous label. Love each of her looks, just take a closer look at these berry red lips, dark eyeshadow which are so perfect for cold months. Dutch model knows how to work it out and makes outstanding poses. I think these beauty looks are perfect both for work and night out, so let's have some inspiration from the images below.

Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Campaign 2018
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Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer Strong And Romantic Menswear

The latest Giorgio Armani Spring-Sumemr menswear collection which was presented during Milan Fashion Week consisted of strong masculine shapes and romantic colors. GA refreshed its dark palette with bright and eye-catchy colors, which included skin tones, deep blue, pink and pastel colors. Armani brought femininity and masculinity together by offering lightweight double-breasted jackets, knitted sweaters, cardigans with medium sized buttons, oversize knitwear, soft jackets, stretch jerseys, dark pink three-piece suits, nude-pink slim pants, workwear inspired garments including car coats, waistcoats and peplum jackets.

Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer Strong And Romantic Menswear 2018
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Giorgio Armani Fall-Winter Elegant And Tailored Campaign

Please welcome Giorgio Armani Autumn-Winter collection's campaign, which features such models like Mariacarla Boscono and Florian Van Bael. Both appear in dark studio images wearing elegant outfits, like menswear inspired women outerwear, tailored jackets and men's knitted sweaters and eye-catching practical bags.

Giorgio Armani Fall-Winter Elegant And Tailored Campaign 2018
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Giorgio Armani Autumn-Winter Sharp Tailored Ready To Wear Collection

Giorgio Armani's Fall-Winter women's collection consisted of sharp tailored looks, masculine inspired silhouettes, clean lines and Armani called his show Garçonne (in French: a young woman, especially one in the 1920s and 30s who showed disdain for conventional dress and behavior.). Fashion models appeared in fluid, cropped pants, streamlined jackets, velvet tapered pants, beaded tunics, long black velvet dresses, white organza blouses, menswear inspired shoes, like pointed-toe oxfords, block-heel loafers, velvet loafers and beautiful, simple bags, featuring doctor shape bags, squat briefcase bags with metal handles in patent leather, velvet and evening soft patent clutches.

Giorgio Armani Autumn-Winter Sharp Tailored Ready To Wear Collection 2018
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