Fro-Nationale “Miss Amy” Fall-Winter Modern and Edgy

I'd like to share with you Fro-Nationale's latest Autumn-Winter season's capsule collection entitled "Miss Amy." Amy Newton behind the brand has made fantastic, individual and exclusive ensembles for working women, who want to look the same gorgeous from the office to the bar. The prints are created from modified Indian symbols. I personally felt in love with the showcased prints, which are for sure unique and original. It looks like the main emphasis was set on the women's silhouette, as each outfit comes with a fitted waist, which underlines wearer's femininity. If you once dreamed to wear edgy, modern and sophisticated art-like looks, then it's the right time to check out this collection and find your favorites.

Fro-Nationale "Miss Amy" Fall-Winter Modern and Edgy 2019

This ensemble will easily transit from day to night. Ideal for working hours.

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Fro-Nationale Spring-Summer Alluring Lookbook

I'd like to share with you Fro-Nationale's Spring-Summer collection's lookbook. Brand's designer Amy Newton entitled her latest Spring season's collection as "The East Meets West." Indeed, we see here influences from the Indian and Asian indigenous, with a focus on Buddhism, quite unbelievable, don't you think so? Well, when I first read the inspiration, I thought: "You must be kidding me, how is it possible to unite those species", well, believe me or not, but when I saw the images, my opinion changed. My eyes don't lie, as I see truly amazing art pieces, that are worth wearing and alluring. All those prints that feature every dress are original artwork by Amy Newton.

Fro-Nationale Spring-Summer Alluring Lookbook 2019
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Fro-Nationale Autumn-Winter Africana Lookbook

Today I have great news from Fro-Nationale fashion label which has truly unique Fall-Winter womenswear collection entitled Africana. Label's founder and designer Amy Newton has a really alternative and individual point of view, which gives her creations kind of unique look and it feels to me that each of her pieces is wearable and really comfortable.

Fro-Nationale Autumn-Winter Africana Lookbook 2019
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