Dassie Rustic Frames

Eco-friendly homeware and gifts brand named Dassie presents a handcrafted collection of rustic frames. The following styles are made from reclaimed wood salvaged from old Colonial and Cape Dutch buildings in and around Cape Town, South Africa. Every single piece celebrates individualism. Each frame has been skilfully made by South Africa local talented artisans. These are great pieces of whimsical décor to add to your own home.

Dassie Rustic Frames 2019

Gugu Rustic Picture Frame A6. It's an extremely rare piece Available in a variety of colors.

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Women’s Eyeglasses Trends & How to Find the Perfect Frames

Today I want to share with you some interesting women's eyeglasses trends and perfect frames styles which can be combined with your everyday and work outfits. No matter if you love wearing hipster, classic or Tomboy style clothes, the glasses is the only accessory, which makes your look unique and individual. For instance, we see two girls wearing the same clothes, but one of them appears in geeky chic opticals, and it's true to say, that the one who wears glasses has a finished look. The frames should enhance not conceal your face. The one and only rule of choosing the right frames is to pick out the ones which are opposite to your face shape, this will balance the features of your face. Another thing is about make-ups, if you want to show off your gorgeous shades, then it's better to choose the clear frames, which will make your make-up stand out. Anyway, the most important aspect for us before buying opticals is how they look on our face.

Women's Eyeglasses Trends & How to Find the Perfect Frames 2019

Here we see a sporty glam look, which features circled frames with cat-eye detail.

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Sunglasses and Opticals by Scarlett of Soho

In today's post I am going to make a review of Scarlett of Soho men's sunglasses and opticals. The brand is inspired by an 18th century British eyewear craftsman. Each pair looks vintage and is made of premium aged Italian acetate. Each frame is unique and features original design and is made with finer details in mind. The prices start from just £97 a pair. What I like about this brand, then it's a special home try-ons option, which helps you to find the right glasses to match your face. It's like you choose the four designs which you might like to try on, just click the "Try them on at home for free" button to add them to the cart. So, you have five days to decide which ones are best for you. It's time to select you timelessly classic yet modern pair of smooth glasses.

Sunglasses and Opticals by Scarlett of Soho 2019

The Drummond in Jet Black are made for the ones whose actions speak volumes louder than words.

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Giorgio Armani “Frames of Life” Eyewear

Please welcome Giorgio Armani "Frames of Life" eyewear collection. The new collection is inspired by the "everyday life fragments". The line isn't so big, it consists of four frame shapes, including stylized retro inspired models AR 6016J, AR7028 and AR7004 (tortoiseshell and titanium frames) which remind me of GA first glasses issued in 1989. Each design comes with sun and optical lenses. I personally love the ideal look, quality and vintage appeal.

Giorgio Armani "Frames of Life" Eyewear 2019

Wear this design at work or at the party.

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Moncler Lunettes x Pharrell Williams Glasses Collection

Remember my post about the collaboration between Moncler and Pharell Williams (here is the link), so today I have chance to share with you this eyewear limited edition campaign which features artist and style icon Pharrell Williams wearing these cool designs in a dark background. I personally like these futuristic unisex mask frames made from titanium and other modern styles. See the campaign and behind the scenes images.

Moncler Lunettes x Pharrell Williams Glasses Collection 2019
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This Years Eyeglasses Trends For Women

This year biggest trend remains the same - polarized lenses, bright colors, transparent frames, cat-eye frames and mirror lenses. Well, I personally advise you to try mix fashion with function. If the polarized lenses was something exclusive in the past year, then now it's widely available in many fashion glasses collections.

This Years Eyeglasses Trends For Women 2019
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Eyeglasses Trends & How To Find The Perfect Frames

Today we are going to speak about rules we should follow before buying the perfect glass frames and which are the glasses trends this year. Picking the right pair of frames is quite difficult job, as there are so many Wayfarers, Aviators, CatEyes etc. around us. So, the firs step is to find the right glasses for your face shape and the general rule here is that you should select frames that are opposite of your face shape, like if you have a round face then do not select round glasses, if you have a rectangular face, then round glasses will probably suit you, dig it?

Eyeglasses Trends & How To Find The Perfect Frames 2019
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Matte framed sunglasses

I have already shared with you new trend of mirrored sunglasses for this year and now I'd like to say couple of words about matter framed sunglasses. That's one of the biggest trends right now, as they completely change your appearance, making you looking urban and real stylish. If you want to go bold, then I advice you to try completely matte finish with no transparency, no shine.

Matte framed sunglasses 2019

If you are a bit afraid of the color choice, then I have good news, it's no matter which kind of color variation you are choosing, it can be classic black or tortoiseshell, or pastel.

Cool Trend: Transparent Glasses Frames

Today I'd like to share with you a great compilation of retro eyeglasses with an upscale feel, yes, I am talking about glasses with clear frames. Transparent eyeglasses are comfortable and thanks to sturdy plastic body they look stylish and trendy. What I love the most about transparent frames is that they look great almost on everyone. Nowadays fashion offers lots of cool retro inspired, modern and classic transparent frames.

Cool Trend: Transparent Glasses Frames 2019

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