Men’s Wool Suits

Suits are important for any man, especially when you work in office. Even if you're not a business man, there can be special occasion when you'll have to wear a suit. When it's winter time and outside is a cold weather, you have to think of something cozy and warm. This time we'll speak about wool suits. Wool suits are made of wool, right? :)

Men’s Wool Suits 2019

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Elegant Men’s Black Suits

Black is for luxe and elegance. I think all men have at least one black suit in their closets. Black suits never loose its style, it's timeless. What I like the most about black suits, then it's that they are great for almost every occasion, let it be wedding day, business lunch, business meeting or cocktail party, it gives you rich elegant appearance and it feels nice indeed.

Elegant Men’s Black Suits 2019

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Men’s Flat Front Pants Suits

Let's talk about flat front pants suits. These kind of trousers were invented not so long time ago, and became so popular recently. They can be worn as regular dress pants. Most of men nowadays prefer wearing flat front pants, because it's trendy now. Youth men mostly wear these kind of trousers. Wearing flat front pants you feel less formal. Some flat front pants have no pockets, because of its style and fit. You can team these trousers with any suit jacket.

Men’s Flat Front Pants Suits 2019

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Pleated Pants Suits For Men

So much classic and elegance. Pleated pants used to be usual pants in different types of suits for many decades. Why? Simply, because they give a great style look and it's original formal look. These pants were dominant in 90's, now the style is changed. What does it means pleated pants? It means having fabric folded on itself, that fol can be sharp or rounded.

Pleated Pants Suits For Men 2019

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Men’s Double Breasted Suits

If you want classic look, then double breasted suit is what you need. It's the oldest suit design that I know. Double breasted suits are worn from 1930's and they become fashionable nowadays. What means double breasted suits? Double breasted suit jackets typically have one to four rows of buttons (each row containing two buttons), one or two of the rows functional – the others are decorative and they're just used for classic look.

Men’s Double Breasted Suits 2019

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Three Button Suits for Men

If you haven't chose your first suit, then please let me help you with that. I think the most traditional and classic suit is three button suits. These suits are very practical as many men have worn them for many years ago. Nowadays, three button suits come in different fashioned divisions. Tree button suits look better on tall men (on short men they look baggy and make them shorter). It's an unwritten rule, that two top buttons should be fastened and last one not. Usually three button suits give you a formal appearance, as some of them come in 3 pieces with vests.

Three Button Suits for Men 2019

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Men’s Blue Suits

Men always try to be different and wearing unique looks, which no one has. Today, we will talk about men's blue suits. Blue suits look stylish and different than other suits. Once you try on blue suit, you'll feel important and confidence.

Men’s Blue Suits 2019

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Pinstripe Suits for Men

Nothing Suits me like a SUIT (How I met your mother). Wearing suit can NOT make you bored, you can always get a new one, new style. When you mostly wear suits at work, then variation of suits is very important. There are lots of variations of pinstripe suits. Striped suits are great in general. Pinstriped suits are so simple and class. What it means pinstripe suits? In general, pinstripes are thin stripes along the whole suits in parallel form.

Pinstripe Suits for Men 2019

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