Floral Pants For Spring-Summer

Today I want to share with you an awesome collection of floral pants to wear this spring-summer. No matter what are the trends nowadays, but the floral is always a good choice for warm season wear. You should definitely try them this year, as they are really in trend right now. I have done this Polyvore compilation for your inspiration. These ideas will for sure help you to complete your summer outfit. I remember there was a time when it was really hard to find printed bottoms, but nowadays, thanks to Internet shopping, you can find absolutely any color and print. If you still don't own a pair of these trendy pants in your wardrobe, then it's the right time to buy ones. If you do like floral pant trend, but you are not sure how to style it, then go through this gallery and choose your favorites. What is your best outfit idea from the following collection? Please let me know in the comments below.

Floral Pants For Spring-Summer 2019

The best way to style them is with neutral tops, like we see this grey one teamed with navy sweatpants in pretty florals.

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How To Wear: Floral Pants

Wearing floral pants is a new trend right now. Of course, floral didn't go anywhere, as it's a classic print trend that works with any summer staple. Plus, there are numerous of great variations on floral colors and its appearance (realistic or abstract). Today I want to share with you my favorite Polyvore compilation that consists of awesome floral pants combinations with your everyday wear favorites. It's a feminine trend (but it looks like men's fashion tries to steal it from us!) which can look both girlish and sophisticated. Everything depends on your mood and occasion. Anyway, if you do have a pair of colorful pants, then you better check out this Polyvore compilation and make some notes to memorize these style tips.

How To Wear: Floral Pants 2019

Here we see a grown-up version of pale blue trousers in abstract print. You can wear them with lightweight spaghetti strap blouse in dark blue color, suede dark blue handbag and comfy flat pumps in white color.

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Floral Print Dresses Are In Style

Florals are the perfect compliment to any woman. Today I am going to share with you best floral print dresses which are in style for this year. What is your imagination, when you think of florals? I think of beach, summer attire, bright sun, warm colors, as well as of rainy and cool days. The thing is that no matter what, you will always brighten up your look, by sporting one of these awesome designs. But you should keep in mind about the accessories choice, as you have to carefully select the right items, avoiding overloading your look. Speaking of shoes, then it should match your top, but honestly, all depends on occasion, so keep it bold and timelessly chic. The jewelry should also match your outfit's color, but if you choose gold, then you can opt for cool bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. I think it's the right time to look through this bright Polyvore collection:

Floral Print Dresses Are In Style 2019

Here we see a day ensemble in bright watercolor print. You can style it with a cropped blue blazer and red flat pumps.

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Botanical Garden: Floral Motifs In Jewelry Collections

There should be no worries regarding the upcoming fall season, as florals will always be with you. Today I bring you compilation of rose, carnation and four-leaf clover shaped jewelry pieces made by renowned masters of women's luxe decorative items. You can always extend the summer mood, by choosing one of these must-haves from the modern jewelry brand collections. Here below, we see ring and earrings made by Alexander Arne. Arne Rose collection comes with gorgeous rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. New designs come with encrusted colorless diamonds which lightening will never fade in the dim light of autumnal sun.

Botanical Garden: Floral Motifs In Jewelry Collections 2019
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Floral Jewellery Collection by SUNLIGHT

Flowers- that's an ideal gift, no matter if there is a reason or not. A long, long time ago this flowering plant became one of the main women's accessories. It's no secret why it's a symbol of beauty, perfection and rebirth. It still inspires many jewelers around the world and today I bring you SUNLIGHT latest collection of gorgeous jewelry with floral motifs. The following collection comes with juicy poppy plant inspired designs, delicate petals of tulips, graceful rosebuds, cornflowers and other great pieces embellished with twigs and leaves. Everything is done to emphasize the charm and beauty of its wearer. When I see or hear about flowers, then I think of romance, sentimentality and even naïveté, which give smile, warmth and feeling of care. Every design is made of high quality and luxury, precious metals combined with valuable, precious stones, like diamonds, topazes, rubies and citrines. Keep in mind, the flowers will compliment your strict or minimalist wardrobe. All these earrings, rings and necklace pendants are ideal for evening occasions, but you can always combine these gorgeous pieces with your every day styles.

Floral Jewellery Collection by SUNLIGHT 2019
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New Trend: Fall Floral Print

I think you already spotted in AUtumn-Winter runway collections the shedding autumn colors of floral patterns, as you can see there are only heavy colors of bright red, mellow pink and maroon notes in floral prints. New trend features lush buds entangled with green leaves. Okey, I'd like to share with you a compilation of amazing Valentino embroidered dresses and Valentino Marras jackets, Tom Ford bombers, Christopher Kane jumpers; those floral-applications look real, take a quick look at gypsy skirts by Givenchy, Dries van Noten and Giambattista Valli suits.

New Trend: Fall Floral Print 2019
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The Best Hairstyles From Keira Knightley

Keira’s best Hairstyles. Today, I’d like to share with you Keira Knightley’s most liked hairstyles in which she appeared red carpet. No matter what kind of event she visits, her style is absolutely astonishing: sleek bob, tousled curls, Renaissance romantic styles, long wave of spiral curls, finger waves or even accessorized with flowers. And now, please take some inspirations from the images here below.

The Best Hairstyles From Keira Knightley 2019

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