How To Wear Flat Sandals This Summer

Once the sun comes out we already want to wear a lightweight wardrobe. This time I want to share with you various ways how to wear flat sandals this summer. I am going to show my favorite Polyvore sets. It's no secret what shoes are this seasons must-have, yes, flat-sandals! This comfortable and useful footwear looks confident and sweet. No matter what shoes are your favorites, this year is all in: ugly-pretty flatforms, normcore styles, urban classics, chunky design, flip-flops, etc. In other words, you better wear what really fits your style and identity. I've tried to search for flat sandals that will deliver a unique twist to off-duty look. Below a selection of my Summer Polyvore favorites.

How To Wear Flat Sandals This Summer 2019

That's a brilliant look. It reminds me of music festival outfit or everyday grunge girl essential. We see chunky black ones styled with black and white striped dress with spaghetti straps, fringed backpack, wide-brim hat and rounded sunglasses.

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Flat Sandals For Women

How about today's footwear inspiration? In today's article we are going to observe this year's best flat sandals for women. Sometimes the best part about getting dressed is what on your feet. I've been looking through various styles and outfits during the fashion weeks and today I want to share with you my personal Polyvore sets favorites, where are shown gorgeous and trendy flat sandals outfit inspiration ideas to follow this year. So, I'm showing you a boatload of shoe options to choose from. You are going to see vintage-inspired brown leather must-haves, chunky ones, boho inspired essentials, black gladiators, pastel colored versions and many other interesting footwear designs. Anyway, let's stop talking and see this year's flat sandals to wear:

Flat Sandals For Women 2019

Speaking of trends, then I advice you to try boyfriend's look. We see a light grey sweatshirt what can be styled with regular fit jeans and brown flats.

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Holster Sandals for Women in Collaboration with Danii Minogue

Australian leading jellies footwear brand Holster presents its new collection which was made in a collaboration with singer Danii Minogue. All the presented innovative shoes are perfect for the beach and beyond. You are about to see metalized gold studs, A-grade jewels, as well as Swarovski® elements on a jelly base (pioneering PVC that does not make your feet sweat), which comes in various bright and sophisticated colors, including black, blue, pink, gold hue, etc. All these cute footwear designs will for sure complement your summer dresses.

Holster Sandals for Women in Collaboration with Danii Minogue 2019
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AGL Footwear For Women & Handbags

The talented sisters behind the AGL (Attilio Giusti Leombruni) Sara, Vera and Marianna, who took over the brand and continue creating elegant and amazing footwear present next Spring-Summer season's lookbook. I personally love that artisanship and couture elegance that features every creation. For the next spring season AGL offers another marvelously elegant footwear and accessories collection that features label's signature flats, loafers, flat sandals, boots and stylish handbags.

Let's discover more of the new collection after the break:

AGL Footwear For Women & Handbags 2019
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Bridal Shoes by Jimmy Choo

It seems to me that for I didn't write about weddings for a quite long time, that's why this post will pay the bills. Today, I am going to share with you Jimmy Choo bridal shoe collection, which looks so rich and bright. Here you will find classic designs, including open toe heels, pumps, flat sandals and high heel sandals accessorized with crystals and shimmering fabrics.

Bridal Shoes by Jimmy Choo 2019

Thanks to these shoes you will look perfect on your wedding day, so what are you waiting for, select your favorite shoes and make your day special.

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Women’s Sandals by Tory Burch

Knocking on Summer's Door. Please welcome Tory Burch's sandals collection for summer season. What I like about Tory Burch's sandal collection is the easy style and stunning appearance. You can choose various styles of sandals, starting from flats to mid heel and high heel sandals and pair them with whatever you want, from skirts to dresses and pants.

Women’s Sandals by Tory Burch 2019

Let me tell you about strappy flat sandals, they are popular nowadays and come with various pop colors. It's better to choose tumbled leather or croc leather materials.

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Flat Sandals for Summer

Summer Vibrations. Summer warms the air and you already want to enjoy the beaches and outdoor relax. It's no secret, every girls awaits for summer weather to wear their chic and glamour sandals. Sandals always look feminine and sweet. Today, I'd like to share with you a compilation of amazing women's sandals that are eye-catchy and really stylish.

Flat Sandals for Summer 2019

Let's start from thing sandals, which have become popular and trendy this year, they are available in different style and color variations. What I love about these shoes is the maximum comfort and simple design, which teams absolutely with every outfit. As you can see below, thong sandals come in different vibrant colors, like black, coral, green, beige, brown and yellow, as well as in many cool prints, starting from leopard print to kaleidoscopic prints. What I like about modern thing sandals is their design, that comes with various strap ideas, buckles, tassels and other detailing, that gives unique style.

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Liu Jo High Heel & Flat Sandals

Liu Jo is an Italian brand that produces women and men’s stuff including classic wear, casual wear, fashion clothes and shoes. Like all known Italian styles, the designs produced by Liu Jo are very special and sometimes strange as a nice addition to a casual look. Liu Jo produces classic shoes, women boots, high heel sandals and boat or other flat shoes. The brand depends mainly in their designs on leather materials, and the materials differ from classic to casual according to the design and the purpose of use.

Liu Jo High Heel & Flat Sandals 2019

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