How To Wear: Flared Jeans For Women

It's no secret, that flared jeans keep coming back in the world of fashion and I see lots of girls appearing in those flared pants resembling boho and hippie style. That's a very interesting item with amazing history and it comes with many styles and trends. I think you all know, that bell-bottom pants were created specially for the fleet and since 1812 year they are considered to be part of official American sailors uniform. During those years the flared pants started 'from the hip'. In the 1960's flared pants were popular among American hippies, so lots of men and women started to wear bell-bottomed trousers, so it was an unisex trend that was both suitable for girls and boys.

How To Wear: Flared Jeans For Women 2019
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Marc Jacobs Resort Pop Art Collection

Pop Up Colors. Marc Jacobs reveals resort collection which is influenced with Pop Art colors and prints. It’s about mix of 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s styles. Models appeared in layered looks, floral dresses, stiffly tailored jackets, airy bouffant skirts, tailored safari jackets, stiff dresses, maxi dresses, swing coats, wide shorts, , floral sweatshirts, A-line skirts, flared pants look energetic and youthful at the same time, crop-legged Oxford bags and chunky platform sandals.

Marc Jacobs Resort Pop Art Collection 2019
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70s Style Women’s Clothing for Resort by Stella McCartney

Feels like a real 70 print. Stella McCartney reveals her latest resort collection of women's 70's style clothing. This time she focused on suits (as her strong side), flared pants, oversize blazers and airy, lightweight dresses. I simply adore the colors and retro prints in her looks, it feels like we are back in 1970's. Fashion model Nadja Bender poses in plaid patterns, lace and fringe looks. Stella McCartney offers transitional vibrant hues, like orange, yellow, green and hot pink with neutral accents.

70s Style Women's Clothing for Resort by Stella McCartney 2019

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Metallic paint-effect velvet flared pants by ROBERTO CAVALLI

Glamourize yourself! Roberto Cavalli presents its gray velvet with metallic gold paint-effect flared pants. Wear this super chic '70s silhouette opulent style with a silk shirt, cropped wool jacket and platform ankle boots to look lie a real rock chic. Purchase them online HERE.

Metallic paint-effect velvet flared pants by ROBERTO CAVALLI 2019

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Theyskens Theory Resort

Old Scool Days. Theyskens Theory Resort collection is all about chic street style. Ok, some of the pieces look a bit out fashioned, like those biker jackets, but c’mon it’s classic already, so don’t judge it. Collection is colorful and very denim. Here you can find delicate spiral-cut dresses in an abstract print, lightweight tweed jackets, teeny flared skirts, oversize and striped sweaters, ultra-wide billowing flared pants, fragile dresses, vivid-pink tees, cobalt-blue pants, 80’ inspired slouchy denim pieces, acid yellow shorts, mélange knit linen sweaters, baggy red jeans, bouclé blazers , cropped and fitted leather jackets. I likeTheyskens acrid-yellow and brick-orange acid-washed denim.

Theyskens Theory Resort 2019

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