Massimo Dutti NYC Studio Collection for Women

NYC's Inspiration. Tailored coats, fitted jackets, pinstriped pants, stylish parkas, animal print jackets, floor length skirts (maxi skirts), cozy autumn relaxed knitted sweaters and motorcycle jackets- all these precious garments can be seen in the latest collection made by Spanish label Massimo Dutti, specially for its first stateside store located on New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Fashion model Cato Van Ee looks perfect in these studio images.

Massimo Dutti NYC Studio Collection for Women 2019

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Balenciaga Spring-Summer Menswear Lookbook

Casual Sport Minimalism. Balenciaga presents its Spring-Summer lookbook of menswear collection offering minimal lines, functional menswear. Here you can find fitted jacket, sweaters, white turtlenecks two-button suits, which are slim in the waist, reversible leather-nylon jackets, bombers in teal neoprene, leather belts that zipper on to sweaters and tops, jewel-tone jeans. Balenciaga man is ready for future with a clear vision of sophistication.

Balenciaga Spring-Summer Menswear Lookbook 2019

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Men’s Clothing Spring-Summer Comme des Garçons

King or a Queen of Punk?! Feels like western notes and punk elegance in Comme des Garçons Spring-Summer men's collection. This collection came to punk's iconoclastic rush regal dressing the modern prince in cuffed trousers, fitted jackets, billowing fabrics, slim black duffel, lean skirts, chisel-toed shoes, diagonal biker zip checked jackets, pinstriped blazers, checked jackets and as king's accessories gaudy crowns.

Men's Clothing Spring-Summer Comme des Garçons 2019

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Gustavolins Spring-Summer Menswear

Brazilian fashion brand Gustavolins presented its new Spring-Summer menswear collection at Paris Fashion Week. Men's wardrobe consists of clean lines and structure: sharp outerwear, fitted jackets, leather jackets, high-waisted trousers. What I like the most, is color- bright hues of yellow with black shades and fantastic graphic prints.

Gustavolins Spring-Summer Menswear 2019

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Giorgio Armani Menswear Spring-Summer

Business printed style with Giorgio Armani. For the next Spring-Summer fashion season Giorgio Armani presents menswear was focused on business wear. In the pictures below you can see fitted jackets, relaxed and billowing silhouettes, dove gray cardigan jackets, sweaters, leather coats, trench coats, double-breasted jackets, cut trousers tapered at the ankle, leather jackets, espadrilles, boat shoes, casual sneakers. Clothes are grounded in navy and black colors, there are stripes, checks and other eye catching prints. I like the check on a sweater that quietly dissolves into ombré and the zigzags fading out on a cotton shirts and pants.

Giorgio Armani Menswear Spring-Summer 2019

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Menswear Spring-Summer Alexander McQueen

English rock and retro style of McQueen. For the next men's Spring-Summer fashion season Alexander McQueen offers sixties and seventies like style with a classic and playful silhouettes. From anti-fit pants and fitted jackets to voluminous silhouettes, puce tail coats, elasticized-waist pajamalike trousers, striped double-breasted jackets, Lurex-shot pants, animal print pants, fire print jackets and shirts,velvet jackets.

Menswear Spring-Summer Alexander McQueen 2019

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