Pure Beauty: Katerina Dune

Pure Beauty: Katerina Dune 2019

Fashion model Katerina Dune charms in casual apparel. The blonde stunner Katerina poses on the roof in the urban shoot, wearing a black bomber jacket, white baggy pullover, and simple black tank top. What can I say, she's absolutely gorgeous! I really adore her blue eyes, so deep and sophisticated look!

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Fashion Model: Alica Kalk

Innocent Look. How I like these sad eyes, yet unique and dreamy look, German mdel Alica Kalk poses in knitted wear in front of Mathieu Vladimir Alliard’s lens. I always feel some mistery, when I see black and white images, anyway these eyes make her feel unique and fresh.

Fashion Model: Alica Kalk 2019
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Fashion Model: Hannah Saul

Effortlessly beautiful. Fashion model Hannah Saul hits the beach in these natural and relaxed images. I think I love every shot in this shooting, the portrait photo, photo where she stands on the rocks, every single image is amazing. Real summer vacation. Hannah wears beach ready looks, like loose-fitting dresses to swimwear (scuba body). I like the natural atmosphere and relaxed feel.

Fashion Model: Hannah Saul 2019


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