Eyeglasses Trends & How To Find The Perfect Frames

Today we are going to speak about rules we should follow before buying the perfect glass frames and which are the glasses trends this year. Picking the right pair of frames is quite difficult job, as there are so many Wayfarers, Aviators, CatEyes etc. around us. So, the firs step is to find the right glasses for your face shape and the general rule here is that you should select frames that are opposite of your face shape, like if you have a round face then do not select round glasses, if you have a rectangular face, then round glasses will probably suit you, dig it?

Eyeglasses Trends & How To Find The Perfect Frames 2019
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Pharrell Williams for Moncler Eyeglasses

Fashion brand Moncler announced about the collaboration with Pharell Williams (American singer, composer, producer and Grammy's three-time winner). Pharrell Williams will make new eyewear collection for Moncler Lunettes. It will consist of men's and women's sunglasses. The sunglasses in titan frames which are positioned as "something in between of 1950's and futurism" will be officially presented in Paris, 26 September.

Pharrell Williams for Moncler Eyeglasses 2019

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Google Glass and a Futuristic Vision of Fashion in Vogue

The modern fashion world meets gadgets. It's no surprise that technical gadgets are becoming popular in the world of fashion, well it's obvious, as every single day we are using them, so it's up to the fashion world how popular are they going to be. We all remember iPhone and colored Mac's, yet it's quite long time we didn't see something fresh and fashionable.

Google Glass and a Futuristic Vision of Fashion in Vogue 2019

Today we have chance to see Google's latest invention Google Glass which participated in Vogue's photoshoot.
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Porsche Design Eyeglasses

Porsche Design presents its eyewear collection's catalogue for men and women. As you already noticed, each pair of these glasses are designed with high quality, unique functionality. Only the highest quality materials were selected to create these chic and beautiful accessories. Each pair was created with traditional craftsmanship with combination of modern technologies. Here below you will find timeless and luxury styles of Porsche Design glasses and sunglasses.

Porsche Design Eyeglasses 2019

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