Accessories Trends For Women

Today's topic is dedicated to women's fashion accessories you can wear during 2019. It's time to stock up and see what's trending right now. When it comes to accessories, there are items we use in our everyday life and the ones which are made for showing off. In general, we tend to choose the ones that are practical, that's why I decided to talk about statement scarves, old western belts, best eyeglasses trends 2019, belt pouches, hoop earrings, as well as about baker boy hats. I am 100% sure, everyone will find here something inspiring and worth buying.

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Kristen Stewart for Chanel Eyewear Spring-Summer

This time I want to share with you black and white Chanel Eyewear Spring-Summer campaign, where we see Twilight Saga star actress Kristen Stewart. She teams up with Karl Lagerfeld for sophisticated images. We see her wearing incredible eye-glasses in oversize frames, cat-eye sunglasses with embellished temples, creative aviators, as well as preppy retro designs. All in all, let's have a detailed look and choose our favorites:

Kristen Stewart for Chanel Eyewear Spring-Summer 2019
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Women’s Eyeglasses Trends & How to Find the Perfect Frames

Today I want to share with you some interesting women's eyeglasses trends and perfect frames styles which can be combined with your everyday and work outfits. No matter if you love wearing hipster, classic or Tomboy style clothes, the glasses is the only accessory, which makes your look unique and individual. For instance, we see two girls wearing the same clothes, but one of them appears in geeky chic opticals, and it's true to say, that the one who wears glasses has a finished look. The frames should enhance not conceal your face. The one and only rule of choosing the right frames is to pick out the ones which are opposite to your face shape, this will balance the features of your face. Another thing is about make-ups, if you want to show off your gorgeous shades, then it's better to choose the clear frames, which will make your make-up stand out. Anyway, the most important aspect for us before buying opticals is how they look on our face.

Women's Eyeglasses Trends & How to Find the Perfect Frames 2019

Here we see a sporty glam look, which features circled frames with cat-eye detail.

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Sunpocket Brand Book

I bring you one awesome eyewear brand called Sunpocket and its latest brand book images which feature amazing men's and women's styles in various frames, colors and designs. That's a contemporary accessories fashion company rooted in ski and surf culture. The label is known for their style, quality and authenticity, as well as for their playful and compact shades. The shades come in exclusive designs, where classics are combined with an urban touch which is modern and extremely wearable. You are about to see fashionable, leisure and sporty products, which are ideal for active lifestyle. Each piece is made of premium lightweight grillamid plastic, which allows you easily carry with you. Indeed, that's a perfect travel accessory for those who are always in action. Here we see Sunpocket sport line, Sunpocket II, Kauai, Tonga, Samoa, Tobaco and other statement model designs.

Sunpocket Brand Book 2019
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Warby Parker Summer Eyewear

So it's summer outside and it feels like you need some cool versatile and fit for any day sunglasses. Today I bring you Warby Parker summer season's collection of beautiful sunnies. The brand has designed an effortless collection of timeless and vintage looking eyewear styles. Each frame is handcrafted using only the finest materials, including custom cellulose acetate. What I love about the presented models, then it's the contemporary and refined look, which includes nine new shapes and four new colors and patterns. So, they are classic and suitable for long walks at the beach or any other occasion.

Warby Parker Summer Eyewear 2019
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Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker Eyewear

Warby Parker reveals its new Summer collection which was made in a collaboration with American actress Karlie Kloss. So, what do we have here- bookish silhouettes, classic beach style lenses in surf-inspired hues and shack shades. With Kloss help Warby Parker has created new pairs of sunglasses, which are individual, graceful and polished, just like Karlie. Keep attention to the cat-eye frames, as they appear to be bestsellers this year.

Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker Eyewear 2019

Messy, natural long bob looks pretty on Kloss, while the sunnies make her look elegant and timelessly stylish.

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Modern EyeWear: Moncler Lunettes Autumn-Winter

Please welcome this year's modern eyewear for Fall-Winter season from Moncler. All these Moncler Lunettes beautiful eyeglasses and sunglasses come in beautiful designs and color variations. The main sources of inspiration behind the label are: modernity, tradition and technology. Let's take a closer look at these timeless sunglasses that are created with love and taking into account all the modern trends and styles. Here you will find the Fifties of Le Corbusier silhouettes giving a new take featuring modern-techno look. Overall, this is a great collection of timeless eyeglasses.

Modern EyeWear: Moncler Lunettes Autumn-Winter 2019
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Stylish Sunglasses and Glasses in Cutler and Gross Spring-Summer Campaign

Summer days will be perfect if you will wear your favorite sunglasses, that's why I'd like to share with you Cutler and Gross latest Spring-Summer collection's campaign which features next season's stylish sunglasses and optical glasses for men and women. New campaign was shot in outdoor, where models Alastair Coldrey and Remy Green enjoy sunny weather wearing Cutler and Gross creations. Models are styled in timeless pieces, like twill trousers, crisp oxfords, formal shirts and label's signature eyewear. As you already noticed, label offers wide range of styles, starting from circle frame eyewear to rectangular frames. Love that relaxed picnic style setting in this campaign.

Stylish Sunglasses and Glasses in Cutler and Gross Spring-Summer Campaign 2019
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This Years Eyeglasses Trends For Women

This year biggest trend remains the same - polarized lenses, bright colors, transparent frames, cat-eye frames and mirror lenses. Well, I personally advise you to try mix fashion with function. If the polarized lenses was something exclusive in the past year, then now it's widely available in many fashion glasses collections.

This Years Eyeglasses Trends For Women 2019
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Eyeglasses Trends & How To Find The Perfect Frames

Today we are going to speak about rules we should follow before buying the perfect glass frames and which are the glasses trends this year. Picking the right pair of frames is quite difficult job, as there are so many Wayfarers, Aviators, CatEyes etc. around us. So, the firs step is to find the right glasses for your face shape and the general rule here is that you should select frames that are opposite of your face shape, like if you have a round face then do not select round glasses, if you have a rectangular face, then round glasses will probably suit you, dig it?

Eyeglasses Trends & How To Find The Perfect Frames 2019
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