☺️ Emojis Fashion Trend ?

Every genial trend hides in simple things. In today's post we are going to observe true beauty meaning behind emojis. You all know those smiley faces you text to your friends on phone, right? These fun pictures are called emojis. I am not a judge, as there are people who think those emojis are stupid and degrading and there are those who think these little illustrations pack a world of emotion into our texts. Anyway, fashion is an industry which absorbs every area of humans activity. That's why we better look at new trends and make our own opinion regarding this or that garment. I think you all know about emoji jogging pants, as they made a great furor in fashion this year. It looks like every designer brand has something cool to offer, as we see various garments embroidered with emojis. I've got an awesome Polyvore collection which consists of numerous great clothing sets to wear in the streets and creative events.

☺️ Emojis Fashion Trend  ? 2019

As you can see, there is a chance to try on a cool tank with a happy and crying face and wear it with your favorite skinnies, blush handbag and wedge sandals (embellished with lace).

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