Sophisticated And Slouchy Outfits In ELLERY Fall-Winter

This Autumn-Winter season's collection by ELLERY is inspired by Egon Schiele’s expressionistic paintings. You are going to see both voluminous, shrunken, twisted and asymmetrical, sharp and soft creations made of intricate fabrications (mix of suede, silk wool, brocades, metallic fringing and appliquéd lace). Models appear in elongated looks, including classic tux pants, crispy shirts, blazers, elongated dresses, wide leg trousers, peplum jackets and eye-catching coats. What I love about this year's collection, then it's the slouchy and architectural outerwear. Another great thing is the combination of past and future that are felt in every single outfit. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these pretty awesome outfits:

Sophisticated And Slouchy Outfits In ELLERY Fall-Winter 2019

Totally black outfit consists of a wrap coat worn atop slouchy wrap blazer and styled with flared cropped trousers and cool long leather gloves.

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Exaggerated Silhouettes In Ellery Pre-Fall

Kym Ellery behind her namesake brand Ellery presents an awesome pre-Fall collection of women's transitional garments inspired by the 1970's David Bowie era from Thin White Duke to Ziggy Stardust. You are going to see here luxe metallic fabrics, tailored outfits, attenuated proportions and creative silhouettes. We see bronze-toned tinsel appearing on cropped jackets and elongated funnel-neck tops, as well as beautiful lace-patterned gold brocade separates, slouchy suits in gray micro-checks and gorgeous duster-length coats finished with statement, stoneware buttons. All in all, if you want your proportions to be voluminous, if you like exaggerated bell-bottoms, elongated bell sleeves, then I highly recommend to buy something from this collection.

Exaggerated Silhouettes In Ellery Pre-Fall 2019

An oversized A-line coat with statement buttons is worn atop white high-neck shirt and paired with pleated black trousers.

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Ellery Fall-Winter Wearable Art

Australian designer Kym Ellery behind the namesake label Ellery presents tailored Autumn-Winter collection of women's timeless monochromatic looks made in textured materials with unique volumes. Models pose in boxy corset tops, slouchy pants, V-neck dresses, lean black trousers, slouchy outerwear designs, dresses with bell sleeves, voluminous organza skirts and eye-catching bustle-hipped leather jackets. The color palette varies from green, blue, black, navy and ivory. I personally like that avant-garde inspiration, which makes Ellery's silhouettes standout, as each piece looks creative and refinement. All in all, each of the presented outfits is a masterpiece, in other words wearable art.

Ellery Fall-Winter Wearable Art 2019
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Ellery Pre-Fall Luxe and Creative

Sydney-based designer Kym Ellery behind Ellery fashion brand reveals her first pre-Fall collection of women's transitional garments. That's a wonderful and ready to wear collection that features luxe and creative silhouette designs. You are about to see voluminous felted wool outerwear, voluminous organza dresses, simple sheath dresses with trumpet sleeves, bell-sleeve shift dress, cropped brocade pants, wine-red ponyskin motorcycle jacket. Love the fabrics use in these tailored outfits: brocade, velvet, duchesse satin. As I've already noticed, the silhouettes are quite creative, that's why it's hard to say that we see traditional outfits, conversely, these garments are individual and really eye-catching. All in all, it's collection of tailored and wearable pieces.

Ellery Pre-Fall Luxe and Creative 2019
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Ellery Spring-Summer Modern Designs

Please welcome Sydney-based fashion brand's Ellery spring-summer collection's runway show, which was held during Paris Fashion Week. The spring collection is about women's body and it's architectural silhouette, emphasizing sculptural looks. Models appear on the catwalk wearing bell-bottom short shorts, black midcalf dresses, skirts featuring fluid pleats. Label's designer Kym Ellery uses airy silk organza, lamé, satin and sequins. Love the sophisticated lines and contemporary movement, which gives us modern designs. I like those dressy wearable clothes with ballooning volumes, of course these designs are not for an everyday use, but you can always use these clothes during special events.

Ellery Spring-Summer Modern Designs 2019
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Ellery Resort Sculptural Shapes

Ellery presents its resort collection entitled "Vitreous", which features spring color palette including dusty rose, peach, cream and floral graphics. All the looks feature stunning sculptural shapes and constructed separates, which I personally see as athletic and minimal, like Aisan-inspired simplicity and futuristic touch. If you are looking for some stand-out wardrobe looks, then you are in the right place. New pre-spring season comes with style, as Ellery offers us comfortable, sophisticated and relaxed structurally designed garments, featuring flared-out crop tops, short-shorts, sleeveless dresses, twist-front crop tops, sculptural tunics, striped linen jackets, wide pajama pants, bell-shaped skirts and large wooden block shoes.

Ellery Resort Sculptural Shapes 2019
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Ellery Autumn-Winter Chic And Elegant Lookbook

Chic, Elegant and Modern. Australian designer Kym Ellery behind Ellery brand showcased her new fall-winter collection's lookbook. Kym incorporated a new sense of fluidity and typical elements and developed some of her well-known items, like terrific wide-leg trousers. The fluidity can be found in collection's draping, structured, evanescent skirts that came in white and pale blue organza.

I personally, love Ellery's prints, that include magnified florals and lace: tulip-skirt cocktail dresses. Lace is durable by coating it with rubber and bonding it. All in all, Ellery's architectural aesthetic is amazing, love fusion of sweetness and toughness.

Ellery Autumn-Winter Chic And Elegant Lookbook 2019
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