Simple Updo Hairstyles

I am pretty sure, all of you think that updos are meant only for formal occasions and are very hard to be done. In today's article I want to show you my favorite updo hairstyles for this year which are easy to create and customizable to your personal taste and style. I am pretty sure you will fall in love with these pretty chic creations. You can wear them from weddings, date nights to trips to the parks and night outs with your best friends, in other words, there is an updo for every single occasion. Believe it or not, but men do like to see woman's face with hair out of it. I hope these simple and easy styles which can be done in under 5 minutes will surely inspire you.

Simple Updo Hairstyles 2019
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Messy little bun and top knots for long and medium hair

I want to share with you my favorite messy little buns/ top knots for ladies with long and medium hair lengths. That's an impressive look that makes you look creative and diverse. There are lots of beautiful styles to try, but the most simple and awesome is of course messy little bun. I think it's the quickest and easiest way to look glamorous and smart-casual at the same time. I see lots of hipsters and indie rock lovers who appear at various events with such hairstyle. The position of your top knot is very important, you have to be sure that the back of the head is very smooth.

Messy little bun and top knots for long and medium hair 2019
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Easy 5-Minute Hairstyles For Long Hair

5,4,3,2,1...ready, go! Here are shown easy 5-minute hairstyles that you can make at home. These styles are meant for quick long hair fix, so that you make it fast and look gorgeous. There is no secret, everyone wants to look great in a few seconds no matter what kind of event you are attending. You have to remember one thing, there are plenty, plenty of styles and there is no end to the creativity when it comes to make styling of your long and beautiful tresses: quick ponytail, loose chignon, tousled waves as well. So, if you are in a rush, you should try these easy 5-minute hairstyles. Make a trendy messy look takes about 5 minutes. You can try beehive, half-up do, side-swept ponytail which look hot and feminine.

Easy 5-Minute Hairstyles For Long Hair 2019

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