Duro Olowu Fall-Winter Vibrant Ladylike Looks

Once you see Duro Olowu garment you will always recognize his signature style. In today's post I want to draw your attention to designer's Autumn-Winter season collection. Nigerian born designer Duro Olowu is well known for his streamlined silhouettes and vibrant prints. The fall season was inspired by Fauvist painter & avant-garde artist Kees van Dongen. You are going to see signature capes, tailored mixed-print dresses, kimono jackets, split A-line skirts, nipped-waist jackets, flounced tanks, full skirts in black lace and silk taffeta, voluminous gowns in pastel brocade, formal shirt-dresses, etc. Speaking of prints and patterns, then we see bold stripes, color-blocks, dots, florals, grid print, jacquards and many other interesting ideas. I am so excited to share with you these colorful images.

Duro Olowu Fall-Winter Vibrant Ladylike Looks 2019

The model on the left appears in a black tailored jacket in white grid worn atop matching turtleneck that is tucked in color-blocking full skirt, while the model on the right looks sophisticated in a color-blocking cape styled with fuchsia colored long shorts.

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Duro Olowu Spring-Summer Vivid and Bright Ready-to-Wear

The Spring-Summer season's collection by Duro Olowu was inspired by the cover art for the album The Pointer Sisters, Ozu's film Drunken Angel and Japanese film noir and 1940's pinups. The shapes are classy and come with kimono-sleeve lightweight robe coats, soft peplum bias-cut dresses, A-line skirts, long ball skirts, as well as easily accessible looks like bias-cut, silk-and-georgette layered dresses, waterfall ruffle emerald green bias-cut gowns. The prints are vivid and bright, consisting of floral and graphic, tribal prints (my favorite hand-drawn circles), which make me think of Africa.

Duro Olowu Spring-Summer Vivid and Bright Ready-to-Wear 2019
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Duro Olowu Autumn-Winter Relaxed Shapes

The latest Nigerian designer Duro Olowu Fall-Winter season was inspired by deco 1920s-era furniture designer Elizabeth Eyre de Lanux and the Dada Movement of the same years, including the avante garde surrealist experimentation works from Man Ray and Elsa Schiaparelli. We are about to view the touches of Africa, like splashes of vibrant colors, beautiful prints, patterns, qualitative materials and retro inspired touches. The colors are simply breathtaking, as we see here pink, cobalt, black, orange, white, violet and vibrant blue. We see stripes, florals, tiered dots and leopard pattern insets etc. The real standouts of the lookbook are silk print dress with prim organza collar, plush black fur scarf and red look, featuring beautiful long cape. I personally felt in love with silky, relaxed shapes and those Deco silhouettes.

Look at this amazing coat-dress, a perfect vibrant outerwear piece:

Duro Olowu Autumn-Winter Relaxed Shapes 2019
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Duro Olowu Spring-Summer Bright and Fresh

Let's go fresh, bright and colorful in the latest Nigerian-born UK-raised fashion designer Duro Olowu spring-summer collection. So, what are we going to see in the nearest future, as the spring time arrives soon, well I personally find gorgeous those vibrant mix of African prints, as well as color combinations of the presented separates and dresses. Look at the 1970's inspired tailoring designs, so professional and fresh. My personal favorites from the lookbook are wide leg Ankara printed pants, dramatic capes, floral print dresses, cape coats, double-hem print dresses and high-waisted dresses. I personally think Olowu's collection has kind of bohemian touch and we see those delicate silhouettes that feature eye popping colors and colorful prints, which make the looks go wild.

Duro Olowu Spring-Summer Bright and Fresh 2019
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Duro Olowu Fall-Winter Sophisticated Glamour Lookbook

Michelle Obama’s favorite Nigerian born designer Duro Olowu reveals new Autumn-Winter collection's lookbook, which features next season trends. Here you will find whimsical feathers, folky textiles, colorful metallics and wearable pieces. Here you will find bias-cut, patchwork pattern dresses, full-skirt suits, tailored capes, belted black coats with fox collars, trim jackets, wide-leg trousers, graphic mohair sweaters, slinky and bias-cut gowns. All in all, it's sophisticated and old-school Hollywood glamour.

Duro Olowu Fall-Winter Sophisticated Glamour Lookbook 2019
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Duro Olowu Fall-Winter look book

Nigerian-born Duro Olowu with his namesake London-based label presents vibrant Autumn-Winter collection of women's colorful print and fluid design clothing. Have you heard before about Duro, no?!, then you should know, that Michelle Obama (USA president's wife), was first spotted wearing Duro Olowu ( back in 2008, while campaigning for her husband). All the looks are colorful, with contrasting patterns, unique shapes and that makes life happier and thanks to it you look astonishing. Love his famous kimono-like “Duro” dress.

Duro Olowu Fall-Winter look book 2019

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