Nicky Hilton’s Wedding – flower girls wearing bespoke Marie-Chantal

I've got something special to share with you. I think everyone's heard the news about Nicky Hilton's wedding, who married banking heir James Rothschild. Nicky Hilton looked every inch the blushing bride in her £50,000 Valentino lace gown, but I want you to have a look at Nicky Hilton's flower girls gowns, which were designed by Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece (her brand's name: Marie-Chantal).

Nicky Hilton's Wedding - flower girls wearing bespoke Marie-Chantal 2019

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Casual Fall Dresses

Whether you’re searching for a comfortable dress for casual Fridays at work or an easy, breezy dress for weekends, I am here to show you a great selection of casual styles for cold fall season days. If you want to create your own fashion look, then why don't you start with a casual look? Today I am going to share with you great styles to wear from streets to home parties. Find a casual frock in long sleeve to sweatshirt inspired designs, pretty shirtdresses and tartan print shifts. It's the right time to express yourself with confidence in a casual ensemble. Choose the one which ideally fits your personality.

Casual Fall Dresses 2019

Go for a country style inspired dress from Ace Jig Fall collection.

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Modern Ways To Wear This Fall Retro Dresses

There is nothing wrong to look like 1960's retro lady. Today we are going to observe latest Winter season retro looking dresses from various designer collections. This compilation will inspire you to figure out what looks right and how to look fabtastic in a vintage-looking dress.

Modern Ways To Wear This Fall Retro Dresses 2019

We see a beautiful offering from Lena Hoschek. Complete the look by adding a skinny belt, glossy black pointed-toe pumps and headband.

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Cute and Cozy Sweater Dresses For Fall

I've got great news for you tonight. You are going to see a marvelous compilation of cute and cozy Fall sweater dresses to wear all season long. Believe me, once you try on one of these designs you won't want to wear anything else. The Winter comes with luxe appeal creations what look both lazy and creative. Several seasons ago designers offered us quite similar designs of sweater dresses (chunky, loose-fit and mid-length), but this year everything has changed, as I see more complicated designs, including cardigan-alike, poncho-looking, sporty, grunge, minimalistic, 1960's retro, etc. This year we see designs that feel like more of a complete look.

Cute and Cozy Sweater Dresses For Fall 2019

M. Patmos offers a buttoned cardigan-like sweater-dress in a loose-fit shape. Try it on with chunky mannish ankle-length boots.

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Maxi Dress Style – Cute Long Dresses For Fall

A maxi dress is the perfect way to feel comfortable and be glamorous at the same time thanks to its length. In today's post we are going to observe cute long dresses to wear this fall season. Maxis are timeless creations. They have been around for decades and still popular as never before. Modern designer brands offer us heavy prints and boho styles what ideally suit cold season months. It's something that you can wear all year round, no matter what is the month outside. Of course, you might say these gowns are the original summer-ready styles, but you can rock them even during winter. How? There are loads of ideas on cute ways to layer your maxi for cooler weather, so keep reading:

Maxi Dress Style - Cute Long Dresses For Fall 2019

Dorothe Schumacher offers a floor-sweeping long-sleeve gown in vibrant prints. I am in love with its kind of hippie inspired look.

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Style Trends: Collar Shirt Dresses

There's something inherently appealing about this trend, what's name is collar shirt dress. Personally, I find these frocks to be preppy and fun. After so many quirky styles showed up on runways, designer brands offering us amazing collar shirt dresses we can actually wear in our everyday lives that can carry us from the desk to cocktail parties any day.

Style Trends: Collar Shirt Dresses 2019
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Two Piece Dresses Are In Style

In today's article we are going to observe stunning two-piece dresses what are in style this year. The complete sets seems to be the outfits du jour. Personally, I like the style of these creations, because of the bright tops and matching skirts what makes a perfect balance and combination, no matter what is the upcoming event: work, party or prom night.

Two Piece Dresses Are In Style 2019
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