DIORALOP Autumn-Winter Striking Essentials Lookbook

Croatian designer duo, Andrew Bistricic and Maja Merlić reveal new DIORALOP Fall-Winter lookbook of women's creative ready to wear essentials. What I love about DIORALOP is the striking creativity what makes its outfits look recognizable. Each staple looks somewhat individual. The Autumn season includes funky shirts, cropped pleated trousers, matching separates and fashion-forward sporty suits. If you are one of those ladies who likes asymmetry, deconstruction and creative cuts, then I highly recommend to take a closer look at these outfits.

DIORALOP Autumn-Winter Striking Essentials Lookbook 2019
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Fashion-Forward And Relaxed Looks In Dioralop Spring-Summer

Today we are going to observe Croatian design duo Andreja Bristricic and Maja Merlic who presented this year their label's Dioralop Spring-Summer season's runway show. The new collection from creative duo includes three distinct key inspirations: where the first one is the original tattoos embellished upon an underground Catholic society of Croatian elders, the second one is the culture of the original skinhead generation in the 1960’s and the third inspiration comes from the fascinating lives of woman who were covered head to toe in tattoos during 1920’s. So, Dioralop delivers highly deconstructed and visually captivating. The black and white pattern graphics were created from chemically manipulated Polaroid pictures. I personally felt in love with combination of subcultures and street fashion that appear in this collection. Hope you will like this collection the same as me.

Fashion-Forward And Relaxed Looks In Dioralop Spring-Summer 2019

The female model appears on the catwalk wearing totally patterned look what includes a jacket, shirt and shortened pants worn with high sole pointed-toe black glossy shoes.

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DIORALOP Autumn-Winter Perfectly Balanced Collection

Let me share with you Croatian designers Andreja Bistricic and Maja Merlic latest Fall-Winter collection for their brand called Dioralop. As you know, each collection made by this label is inspired by Polaroid pictures (created through intentional spills of chemicals). The Autumn season comes with oversized trousers, layered tops, wide trousers, asymmetric skirts and tops. The fabrics which were used in creating all the showcased looks, include cotton drill, duck cotton and wool, as well as cotton poplin. All the presented looks were inspired by various subcultures, street fashion and designers emotional impact. What really catches my eyes, then it's Andreja’s taste for cut and deconstruction which is perfectly balanced with Maja’s vision of print. Anyway, let's take a look at these creative designs:

DIORALOP Autumn-Winter Perfectly Balanced Collection 2019

This top reminds me of kimono style.

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DIORALOP Spring-Summer Campaign + Lookbook

Today I'd like to draw your attention to this creative and contemporary Spring-Summer collection by DIORALOP fashion brand. The Croatian duo Andreja and Maja behind the label are inspired by Polaroid pictures, which are created through intentional spills of chemicals and different temperatures, so the same story features in their Spring season's collection. Anyway, in their latest collection designers were also inspired by socialist architecture of former Yugoslavia, surrounding Zagreb, so you will see here clean lines, strong and androgynous silhouettes.

DIORALOP Spring-Summer Campaign + Lookbook 2019
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DIORALOP Fall-Winter Schwarzkopf Cro À Porter

Sophisticated and Edgy. Fashion designers Andreja Bistričić and Maja Merlić behind Dioralop brand presented their latest Autumn-Winter collection at Schwarzkopf Cro À Porter fashion event. Designers always are focused on the quality, silhouettes and proportions. New Dioralop collection is inspired by Polaroid pictures, which are created through intentional spills of chemicals and exposure to different temperatures, love this technique for uniqueness and avant-garde touch. As you can see below, black color dominated on the runway, as models appeared in full of draping, layered, pleated and cut-out outfits with black and white prints. All in all, it's about innovation and diversity.

DIORALOP Fall-Winter Schwarzkopf Cro À Porter 2019
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