Dassie Baskets & Storage

Dassie's range of eco-friendly, fairly-traded homeware and gifts is full of beautiful creations. Today I want you to have a look at brand's baskets and storages. Each product has been handmade by skilled artisans using various natural, recycled materials and age old techniques. The key items amongst the collection includes PVC and Apple Bag Baskets.

Dassie Baskets & Storage 2019

Waste Basket Set. The following woven round bin baskets are each individually hand-crafted in Africa. These items would make a lovely addition to any home.

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Dassie Enamelware

We have already seen marvelous tableware, serveware and decorative accessories from Dassie. Today I want you to have a look at this gorgeous collection of handmade enamelware. These dishes and cups can be used indoor and out. The following collection is available in three lovely designs. You can either mix and match or buy the collection's set, what will look stunning on the table. It is a fun alternative to ceramic tableware. Each piece is handmade in South Africa and is oven and dishwasher safe.

Dassie Enamelware 2019

Enamelware chevron collection looks stunning and sweet.

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Dassie Tableware

Dassie is the place where you can find an adorable range of eco-friendly, fairly-traded homeware and gifts. Each piece is hand-crafted by skilled artisans on the Eastern Coast of Southern Africa. Personally, I like the combination of contemporary design with ounces of culture and years of heritage.

Dassie Tableware 2019

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Dassie Decorative Accessories For Home

This time I want to share with you Dassie's decorative accessories. It's a beautiful collection of simple eclectic pieces what surely enhance any home or office space. You are going to see simple and unique pieces made of authentic materials with soft neutral colors and contemporary feel. It's a delightful decorative accessories line in various styles and price brackets. Each piece has been hand-crafted in Africa by artisans, and as no two pieces will ever be completely identical. I am totally in love with unique charm and subtle touch of these products.

Dassie Decorative Accessories For Home 2019

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Serveware by Dassie

Dassie, an artisan collection of eco-friendly & fairly-traded home decor and gifts brand offers a sweet and versatile collection of serveware. Dassie's Serveware collection is made up of boards and platters, each handmade from broken down century old wine barrels that are collected from winemakers in the Western Cape region of South Africa. Every single piece what is showcased in this post is hand-crafted by skilled artisans. I am pretty sure this essential collection of serveware is a great choice for serving bowls for everyday use and special evenings (with wine and cheese). It's a perfect transition from kitchen to table in style.

Serveware by Dassie 2019

Baguette Board. Handmade French Oak Baguette Board is both stylish and contemporary and perfect for serving warm, fresh baguettes to guests. Each board has the wording 'Baguette et Fromage' (Bread & Cheese) engraved on the front.

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Dassie Rustic Frames

Eco-friendly homeware and gifts brand named Dassie presents a handcrafted collection of rustic frames. The following styles are made from reclaimed wood salvaged from old Colonial and Cape Dutch buildings in and around Cape Town, South Africa. Every single piece celebrates individualism. Each frame has been skilfully made by South Africa local talented artisans. These are great pieces of whimsical décor to add to your own home.

Dassie Rustic Frames 2019

Gugu Rustic Picture Frame A6. It's an extremely rare piece Available in a variety of colors.

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