Customellow Autumn-Winter Women’s Timeless Lookbook

Customellow is a neologism, which combines meanings of ‘conventions, customized clothing and customary behavior’. Each one of these words associates with word 'custom.' Today I bring you Korean label Customellow Fall-Winter season's lookbook, which is inspired by timelessly classical Tomboy looks. We see great suits, menswear inspired separates and outerwear garments, which are meant for modern ladies. The showcased looks combine classy yet modern styles. Each one of the showcased pieces reflects unique spirit of our times. I personally love the way contemporary fashion is updated with timeless looks.

Customellow Autumn-Winter Women's Timeless Lookbook 2019

The heavy, checked shirt is worn underneath chambray shirt-dress which is worn atop cuffed, tailored pants and paired with chunky boots.

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Customellow Fall-Winter Men’s Classic Collection

I have great news for urban lovers, as I'd like to share with you Customellow Autumn-Winter menswear collection. The Fall season comes with reinvented classic menswear styles which reflect South Korean street style basics. You are about to see modern and unique looks, which are ideal for English Dandy addicted boys and men. From the one point of view, it's innovative and eccentric, from the other side, it's very classy and timelessly elegant. We see gentleman's attire, which features slim-fit modern looks with unique and statement appeal. Every outfit will underline your sophisticated appeal.

Customellow Fall-Winter Men's Classic Collection 2019

Here we see male model wearing a cool street style hat with plaid sweatshirt with black sleeves and dark blue, shortened pants styled with black boots.

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Customellow Autumn-Winter Classic and Timelessly Chic Campaign

You Are Heroes. This time I want to share with you this Fall-Winter season's campaign from Korean label Customellow. You are about to see charming photos of urban landscape, where models appear in nostalgic classic 1970s Brooklyn inspired clothes with relaxed silhouettes and muted colors. The models appear in the latest autumn essentials with trends that include luxe layers, comfortable and slightly loose-fit silhouettes, comfortable but stylish everyday suits, etc. I personally find the showcased looks to be youthful, classic and sensible. All in all, we see timelessly fashionable gentlemen's and ladies attire in unique colors, high quality fabrics and classic silhouettes.

Customellow Autumn-Winter Classic and Timelessly Chic Campaign 2019

Both models appear in relaxed outerwear designs of hooded parkas and cozy, A-line, elongated jackets.

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