Bespoke Jewelery From Code Love

If you want yourself something personalized and bespoke, then I highly recommend you to take a look at these fine jewelry creations from Code Love. Every piece from Code Love is very special made of gold, rose gold or silver. It's all about the subtle art of sharing something beautiful and meaningful. I love the simplicity of almost every piece, as well as heartfelt secret messages that are made thanks to Morse code. You are going to find here stackable diamond rings, wrap leather and semi-precious stone bracelets, as well as semi-precious stone pendants and delicate floating sterling silver and gold necklaces.

Bespoke Jewelery From Code Love 2019

This bracelet will look awesome if you will appear in a blue or green dress. You can add a glamour black bag to the look.

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Morse Code Inspired Jewelery In Code Love Spring-Summer

If you have a deep passion for design, fashion and art, then you might fall in love with the latest Spring-Summer season jewelry collection made by Code Love. You might ask what is so special about this brand? The singularity lies in its inspiration and visualization, as each and every piece is designed using Morse Codes dots and dashes, so that every piece has something unique ‘written’ into it. Every creation has a hidden message that is designed into it. I think every girl, lady and woman will love to have one of these stunning pieces in her jewelry collection. Giving one of these unique items to your closest person, you automatically sharing the important message with your truly best friend or girlfriend. All in all, every single piece from Code Love has something special and heart felt.

Morse Code Inspired Jewelery In Code Love Spring-Summer 2019

Even cuffs features Morse Code message, you can find 'Boss' or 'XOX' words.

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