How To Make Lace Dress Look Great On You

Lace as we know it probably originated in the sixteenth century, although fine nets were swishing around for centuries before that. Needles or bobbins spun silky threads in dreamy colors for the adornment of modish outfits of the day. Ever since then, we’ve been looking for new ways to wear lace, and 2018 is no different. Lace dresses are often either conservative or coquettish, but these strike a lovely balance. Think Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (can’t you see her in the green one?), not the Queen Mother. Playful colors counter the naughtiness of the lace, creating a sexy attitude that’s anything but stodgy.

How To Make Lace Dress Look Great On You 2019

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Best Dresses Styles To Buy Now

What dresses we will wear this 2018? The trends for this year suggest various styles, colors and patterns. With a constant thread: a nostalgic penchant for vintage styles. Like the pretty 50s style dresses worn by Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn, or the patterns sported by Duchess Sarah Ferguson in the 80s. A strong-hued déjà-vu with a few pastel tones. Dresses have become a staple for many during the warmer months. Not only do dresses allow your skin to breathe (which is key when there's heat and humidity), but they're versatile, too, as celebrity stylist Molly Dickson pointed out.

Best Dresses Styles To Buy Now 2019

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Monochrome Fashion-Forward Outfits In Luca Michele Spring-Summer

We have chance to see LUCA MICHELE latest Spring-Summer collection of men's and women's monochrome fashion forward outfits. London fashion label offers a sophisticated approach that is both creative and easy-to-wear. The garments are lightweight (as must-have feature for summer) and still complicated. Label's creators and brothers Luca and Michele have ideally translated the modern society's movement and the way of life. We see athletic touches, ideal evening dresses, urban sporty separates and black-white colors harmony work. Personally, I love the way designers cut their patterns creating new and unique vision. Anyway, let's have a close-up look at their beautiful creations. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Monochrome Fashion-Forward Outfits In Luca Michele Spring-Summer 2019

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Beautiful Sunny Dresses In Giovanni Milanese Spring-Summer

It's a pity I have so little information about Italian brand Giovanni Milanese. Anyway, I want to share with you label's latest Spring-Summer collection of beautiful sunny dresses that are great for work and parties.

Beautiful Sunny Dresses In Giovanni Milanese Spring-Summer 2019

This long tank-dress in pale red color with white florals is an ideal choice for long street and beach walks. You can wear it with your favorite white lace-up slip-ons.

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Preppy Dandy Girl Is Back: USE UNUSED Fall-Winter Lookbook

I've already shared with you some news from USE UNUSED, I think it was this year's Autumn campaign. In today's post I want you to have a more detailed look at label's Winter season collection, by viewing its lookbook. Looking through these images I came in a conclusion: I see a city dweller, who is preppy, modern, but she likes retro styling. Say hello to a preppy dandy girl!

Preppy Dandy Girl Is Back: USE UNUSED Fall-Winter Lookbook 2019

What do we see here. It's a blush colored double-breasted jacket, what looks a bit bulky, but's ladylike. Don't know why, as it has that mannish touch, what could automatically make it boyfriend's inspired, but thanks to the sweet pastel color it appears to be very LADYLIKE. You can wear it with anything, starting from cool skinnies to this sweet looking skirt.

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Bold & Functional GUESS Women’s Footwear For Fall-Winter

When it comes to bold and functional footwear, then no one has better styles to offer than GUESS brand. I am proud to share with you GUESS Autumn season women's shoes collection, what is full of bright designs, starting from lace-up block heel combat boots, ankle-boots, patent black high boots to hiking styles, slip-ons and evening appropriate ones. Speaking of versatility, then I can think of so many interesting styles to try, starting from biker chic, grunge girl to smart-casual lady and cocktail party looks. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

Bold & Functional GUESS Women's Footwear For Fall-Winter 2019

These brown leather styles are definitely worth trying this fall. Believe me, there are so many interesting ways of wearing them with your everyday essentials.

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Shanghai Romanticism And Modernity In JUDY WU Autumn-Winter

I'd like to introduce to you JUDY WU’s Fall season runway show. New collection is entitled ‘SHANGHAI TALES.’ It embodies the merge of Shanghai romanticism and modernity. The Autumn season starting point was the traditional Chinese-style window frame against the modern Shanghai skyscraper’s glass curtain wall, achieving a balance between the past and the present. Judy is in love with the modernity of the 21 st century Shanghai city and its changing skylines, yet she nostalgia of the customs from her grandmother’s stories. Raised in Shanghai, Judy takes inspiration from her grandmother’s memories as a young girl with a prestigious upbringing at a time when tradition was highly valued.

Shanghai Romanticism And Modernity In JUDY WU Autumn-Winter 2019

The bold geometric print goes hand in hand with pale blue color in this gorgeous cocktail dress.

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