Fall 2015 Women Classic Style Coats For Work

This Fall 2015 is the perfect time updating your career wear. Start with your outerwear and choose yourself a nice classic style coat for work. No matter what is on trend, the classic coat will always look modern and chic. This Winter 2015-2016 season is full of timeless wardrobe essentials you should have in your closet. Your coat will speak more of you, your professionalism and style than you think. Whether you choose a sharply tailored style for polished look at the office, or a modern detailed version for casual street style, each of them will take your style to another level. The following cover-ups can either be long in length, such as touching the knees, or they are shorter and reach just to the hips.

Fall 2015 Women Classic Style Coats For Work (1)

Cream white colored style from Bobby Kolade is a chic investment for a ladylike look.

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Matching Coat Sets For Winter 2015-2016

Wearing a "full look" (complete set) nowadays seems to be the outfit du jour. I want you to have a look at one of my favorite breakout Winter 2015-2016 trends that managed to catch on over the past years: matching coat set. We have already seen and loved matching two piece sets (top and bottoms) in bright color and bold print combinations. Two pieces are so versatile, but how to achieve this beautiful look in the streets, when the winter comes. Lots of designer brands offer its clientèle matching coat sets (coat plus dress, pants and top, top and skirt). It's the easiest way to create a complete look. This combo looks versatile and seriously statement. Let me know your thoughts about this trendy look in the comments below.

Matching Coat Sets For Winter 2015-2016 (1)

Nellie Partrow offers a grey colored look, consisting of a relaxed fit coat and matching color shift.

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25 Belted Coats To Wear This Winter 2015-2016

Please welcome this Fall 2015 season trend: belted coat. The trend has grown and today I am happy to share with you awesome styles from the various fashion shows and lookbooks. This look gives you a figure flattering shape that creates right curves. I can't think of a chicer way to stay warm this winter 2015-2016, than wearing a belted cover-up.

25 Belted Coats To Wear This Winter 2015-2016 (1)

We see a collarless long style from Derek Lam 10 Crosby worn with a leather belt.

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Fall Trends 2015 – Leather Coats

If you are leather outerwear lover, then I've got an awesome collection to share. Today we are going to observe this Winter 2015-2016 season trendy leather coats from various designer brands. Why do so many women like wearing leather outerwear? These cover-ups remain appropriate for work and play. Almost every style will take you from day to night, seven days a week. You can throw it over a chic blouse and pencil skirt for work, pretty dress at night and boyfriend jeans on the weekends. The great plus of leather coat is the timeless look, what fits any style, so you can wear it for years to come. You can find this beautiful design in a range of silhouettes, starting from the most classic and streamlined to the edgiest. Scroll through to find your favorite.

Fall Trends 2015 - Leather Coats (1)

Dark blue hooded version from Adam Lippes is a perfect choice. Personally, I am totally in love with these earrings.

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Style Trends: Long Coats for Winter 2015-2016

I am here to show you my favorite long coats for women, what are great for wearing this Winter 2015-2016 season. Fall is the time associated with winds, snow and rain, that's why we need something cozy and elegant to save us from bad weather. When it comes to investing in a new outfit topper for Autumn, look no further for inspiration than long coats. This year long outerwear comes in streamlined silhouettes, cleaner lines and perfect lengths. No matter what your shape and size is, this coat flatters all body shapes. Speaking of styling, then everything depends on the proportions balance. In this compilation are gathered pretty awesome styles starting from silvery belted to floor-length robes and floor-sweeping chevron printed designs. This heavy outerwear is a worthy investment, so you better take a closer look at these creations and let me know your thoughts.

Long Coats for Winter 2015-2016 (1)

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12 Tweed Coats To Rock This Fall-Winter 2015-2016

This time I want to draw your attention to women's tweed coats to rock this Autumn 2015 season. These heavy cover-ups are ideal for wearing during chilly and windy days. There is nothing extraordinary about this piece, but it's an excellent item for a daily wear. You can style it with your casual and office-friendly looks. This Winter 2015-2016 season designers offer us to try various silhouette designs, starting from baggy ones to one-buttoned styles, duffle coats, chevron printed and retro inspired. These cover-ups will perfectly complement sophisticated dresses, as well as formal office wear. Keep it elegant, delicate and classy to make an unforgettable impression. I am pretty sure you will create a very positive impression, once you try one of these styles.

12 Tweed Coats To Rock This Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (1)

Polo Ralph Lauren is here with a classic fit tweed coat. It is worn with smart-casual mannish essentials.

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Best Sleeveless Coats For Fall-Winter 2015-2016

Are you ready to see this Fall 2015 season best sleeveless coats? If yes, then you are more than welcomed to view my favorite designs handpicked from various Winter 2015-2016 designer collections. This cover-up is more practical than you think. I can't wait to see ladies wearing this trend. Of course, it's not the most practical of styles to wear, but if you have a fabulous printed or heavy knit sweater what you would love to show off to everyone, then sleeveless coat is the right choice after all.

Sleeveless Coats For Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (1)

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Trend Alert: Military-Inspired Coats For Winter 2015-2016

I see trend. Today we are going to observe this Fall 2015 season must-have coat inspired by army and military style. These are perfect cover-ups to march down the streets. I have gathered beautiful, strong and structured designs what look like a sort of fashion armor to me. You can face the big bad world in one of these beautiful styles with brass buttons, patch pockets, charismatic collars, camouflage and infinite play of colors. If khaki and green are not your thing, then you can play with many other colors and shades, because the military look hides in the outerwear structure and cuts.

Military-Inspired Coats For Winter 2015-2016 (1)

Brand Theory keeps it exaggerated and big. We see a military colored coat with patch pockets and big black fur collar. Try it on with your favorite black separates.

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Grey Coats Are In Fashion For Winter 2015-2016

Fifty shades of grey coat. There is something about a grey overcoat that we can't get enough of. Today we are going to observe an awesome Winter 2015-2016 collection of a lovely grey shaded cover-ups. Every single one is so easy and cool to wear, whether you throw one on with a simple pullover and sneakers, normcore style or dress it up with evening trousers and heels. By the way, it's the top choice of fashion bloggers and street style stars. These shads of grey are a sophisticated Fall 2015 outerwear choice. Every shade of grey coat is so must-have this year.

Grey Coats Are In Fashion For Winter 2015-2016 (1)

Brunello Cucinelli offers a cream grey colored design. You can wear it atop turtleneck belted sweater-dress.

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23 Pastel Coats Every Fashionista Should Own This Winter 2015-2016

Pastel coats are one of this 2015-2016 winter’s top trends. You might say pastels are just for summer wear, but they are not anymore, as we have seen so many fabulous pastel coats in the recent fall 2015 collection that we can surely say they are IN. In today's post we are going to see twenty three marvelous designs every fashionista should own this Autumn. I must admit, pastel is a perfect remedy for windy and dreary winter weather. Thanks to these sweet shades you are going to easily create a full ladylike look. Personally, I love to see ladies mixing various styles, like wearing grunge essentials underneath pastel cover-ups. If you are a fan of sweet and ladylike looks, then take a look at these pretty offerings. What do you think of the pastel coat trend? How would you style them for winter?

23 Pastel Coats Every Fashionista Should Own This Winter 2015-2016 (1)

Look out for vintage inspired styles. We see a pretty soft shade mint colored design from Kakes and Kisses brand. You can wear it buttoned up over a mini dress, tights and classy shoes or you can try it with your casual separates.

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