How To Dress Like Shailene Woodley

American actress Shailene Woodley (she is only 22) was born in Simi Valley, California. Her breakthrough was The Descendants (2011), where she played Alexandra King. We ain't gonna speak about her amazing work in the movies world, contrary, I am going to show you best looks from this actress wardrobe. You are about to see awesome looks and some fashion tips of how to dress like Shailene Woodley. As I have already mentioned, she is only 22, that's why she loves experimenting with herself. She has an emerging fashion style of her own. When we see Shailene dressed in everyday clothes, then we see very casually styled lady, who wears garments which make her look unrecognized (plain shirt, cardigan and casual denim pants). As you have already noticed, there is no problem for her to appear in menswear-inspired looks. I personally love her simplistic but chic fashion-wardrobe, which has that special It-girl touch. There are many pretty images, where we see her wearing long pretty dresses, elegant evening outfits, as well as simple tailored dresses and frilly blouses with cool pants. Overall, let's have a detailed look at the following Polyvore images:

How To Dress Like Shailene Woodley 2019

Keep it cool and casual with denim playsuit overalls, red loose-fit tee, lace-up slip-ons in white, casual shoulder bag and pretty gold feather earrings.

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Celebrity Style: Chloë Grace Moretz

Today's post is about young and beautiful American actress Chloë Grace Moretz, who is just seventeen. We are going to see her stunning wardrobe looks, which are totally chic, individual and eye-catching. Most of the showcased Polyvore combinations are urban inspired and casual, but I love those color combinations, which are adorable and age-appropriate, just look at these blue party dresses and ruffled pink skirts. After taking on a major role in superhero comedy, Chloe began to look after bright outfits which are edgy and extremely wearable. She doesn't afraid of take youthful risks with fashion, that's why we see her wearing embellished gowns, raw-edged looks and perfect mix of modern, chic and sharp looks. Yes, she ain't afraid of taking risks with colors and designs, choosing bright colors and stylish cuts.

Celebrity Style: Chloë Grace Moretz 2019

Here we see a perfect combo, which includes denim vest, cool white-grey pullover and bright skirt in fuchsia and bronze brown.

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How To Dress Like Scarlett Johansson

When we see Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet events, she always exudes elegance and style. The same thing is seen in actress editorials or in real life images. She has that lively, timeless beauty, which makes her look so special. The busty blonde loves to experiment with her wardrobe, as we see her wearing different looks, starting from cool down street garments, like off duty denims and varsity jackets to evening, glamor, lace gowns and regal style separates. I personally love each of her wonderfully styled looks. She can appear in classic, vintage pieces, as well as in unique, couture creations. Johansson's wardrobe is inspired by 1940's feminine and structured outfits, which show off her bust line. But she still loves skinnies and boyfriends. I love when she appears in oversized sweater and skinny jeans. Her hair is always swept up in a structured do, while her lips are red and eyes come with dark eye lines. Check out the following Polyvore combinations to find your favorite look for this year:

How To Dress Like Scarlett Johansson 2019

Keep it simple and vintage inspired y choosing a lace, floral dress, simple flat sandals and fringed handbag.

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Women’s Plus Size Jumpsuits

In today's fashion world plus sized women can find appropriate and suitable jumpsuit with no problem, as many designers and brands offer special lines and sizes to fit all women's tastes. Today I want to share with you some really awesome Polyvore combinations, where you are going to see possible ways how to style jumpsuits this season. It's a perfect outfit for summer days and it can be used as a great work outfit during winter chilly days. As you already know, it's extremely versatile piece, which perfectly works its way into day and nighttime events. I personally find these creations to be super comfortable and completely chic. Another great thing about this special onesie garment is the combination with accessories. You can rock it with colored heels, awesome clutches and gold accessories. You can find so many awesome options starting from strapless to one shoulder and sleeveless ones. Anyway, let's see the best looks which will update your style and make you noticed:

Women's Plus Size Jumpsuits 2019

Here we see a black high-neckline jumpsuit which can be styled with purple suede open-toe pumps, luxe accessories and colorful mini clutch.

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How to Dress Like a Tomboy

In today's post I want to discuss one look, which name is tomboy. The formula of dressing is quite simple, as you have to combine cool girls details and borrowed from the boys fashion garments for making that special off-duty look. Indeed, most of Tomboy look models and ladies look go for menswear-inspired essentials. If you love keeping your outfit simple, then this look is an ideal choice for you. The advantage of this style is the simple and comfortable update, which make you feel relaxed. I personally love to see girls wearing cotton plaid shirts and stylized printed tees. There are lots of girls who prefer wearing cool, comfortable pants instead of skirts. Today's fashion bands offer wide range of skinny skater trousers, distressed or boot-cut jeans. Don't forget about sporty updates, like easy and cool sneakers, sports pants, etc. All in all, I advice you to try on this update:

How to Dress Like a Tomboy 2019

Here we see ripped boyfriends with simple tank top, cable-knit loose-fit sweater, wayfarers and red accessories, including satchel and red trainers.

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How to Style: Women’s Boots with Jeans

Today I want to share with you some ideas of wearing jeans with boots. We are going to see awesome ways of combining your casual and semi-formal garments with your statement shoewear. There are numerous ways how you can style your bottom, while the simplest and chicest way is to tuck your jeans into your boots. When we wear jeans tucked in our shoes, then we have to be ready for showing off our pretty footwear, that's why it's very important to have eye-catching designs, like chunky moto boots, which will change the entire look and feel of the outfit. There are so many fabulous options of teaming denim pants with boots, that are simply countless, yet I want to show you my favorite Polyvore combinations which will make you look timelessly stylish and fashionable. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these awesome examples:

How to Style: Women's Boots with Jeans 2019

You can try on slim pants which are a bit relaxed and style them with cowboy shoes, while the top can consist of a simple white top and knitted poncho.

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Classic Work Outfits For Women

Choosing perfect outfit for your job can be quite hard thing these days, as many brands offer so many interesting clothing sets, which look amazing, but it's quite hard to combine them together. That's why I decided to make this great compilation of this season classic work outfits for women, which can work and feel great on you. In the modern world, there are many intelligent women and ladies who spend much time at their work, that's why it's essential to look good and representatively during working hours. The following collection is ideal for lawyers, bankers, insurance agencies workers, business locales, etc. So, please welcome ladylike classics for your work hours:

Classic Work Outfits For Women 2019

How about making it retro inspired? Try on black dress with white outlines styled with floral and dotted coat. To finish the look you can add suede, black pumps and classic black handbag.

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Women’s Classic Work Clothing Inspiration Ideas

In today's post we are going to observe women's classic work clothing inspiration ideas from Polyvore, which will make you to look fabulous and fashionable 24 hours a day. The following compilation will keep you look smart, sophisticated at the office and parties afterwards. I have included various styles, starting from fresh and floral looks to vintage and sweet updates. You are going to find here sophisticated silk blouses, gorgeous, tailored trousers, skinnies and other statement workwear wardrobe essentials. The presented looks will get you through work day and every challenge stylishly. Here we see some classics and business attire which are updated with fresh colors, lace fabrics, floral prints, eye-catching accessories, unique shapes and dare-to-wear pieces. Well, the showcased outfits are meant for smart, youthful professionals, who love wearing modern styles in their daytime.

Women's Classic Work Clothing Inspiration Ideas 2019

That's a daring outfit, as it consists of a cropped floral top (everything depends on your company's dress code rules) which is paired with tailored, mannish black blazer, lime-green pants, cuffed, black sandals and white contemporary look handbag.

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Denim Trends: Boyfriend Jeans

Let's see next year's denim trends. Today we are going to show you easy-to-wear Boyfriend Jean. The denim and jeanswear is quite personal thing, which either suit you or not. I personally can not buy jeans online, as I need to feel if they are comfy or not. That's why it's very important to purchase them in life. Today, I want to share with you some of the best Polyvore combinations which features this great jean fabric design. As you all know, denim pants are perfect for casual days, that's why it's ideal for combining them with your favorite and comfy tops. This year comes with stylish fashion updates which have a statement and slouchy look. Anyway, I am going to show you some awesome ways of styling your boyfriends with casual separates.

Denim Trends: Boyfriend Jeans 2019

Try the ripped ones with your cool, light grey pullover, black flats and satchel bag.

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Women’s Rockabilly & Swing Style

Hey everybody, Austin Powers comes back in town! Today I bring you an amazing women's rockabilly (which consists of rock and hillbilly (country music) words) and swing style clothing sets inspired by the early style of rock and roll music and 1950's and 60's looks. The "classic" rock and roll looks come with touches of pin up styles and vintage details. In recent years many girls and ladies started to appear in the streets wearing those amazing retro looks. That's why modern designers began offering us a wide variety of authentic and classic looks, which are sweet and incredibly versatile. The presented Polyvore collection consists of everyday essentials, as well as evening must-haves which are perfect for those women, who are confident and ready for new experimentations. So, please, browse below the best looks to try on this year.

Women's Rockabilly & Swing Style 2019

The polka dot gown is another great option for those ladies who want to look retro and eye-catching. I personally love these black, plastic optical cat-eye frames and pointed toe pumps. Update your look with white gloves and a sweet black bag.

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