Colorful Women’s Cloaks In Lindsey Thornburg Fall-Winter

Lindsey Thornburg reveals new Autumn-Winter season lookbook of vibrant women's outerwear. The colorful wool cloaks is the focal point of Fall season. You are going to find here traditional Pendleton blanket prints, Aztec, glamour leopard camouflage, psychedelic tie-dyes, as well as bright colors (black-and-white, navy, cobalt blue, sienna and crimson). I personally felt in love with that special Western motif that makes these looks sophisticated and vivid. All in all, we see a classic and fabulous collection that is full of chic and cool creations.

Colorful Women's Cloaks In Lindsey Thornburg Fall-Winter 2019

Here we see a sophisticated belted coat in leopard print styled with wide-brim black fedora. Love the suede turquoise gloves.

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