Modern Sport Style Apparel To Wear In The Streets

If you are ready to wear sporty luxury, then I am here to share with you this year's modern sport style apparel to wear in the streets. In this post I am going to share with you my personal favorites of modern and chic Polyvore sets. Here are shown amazing looks which can be easily pictured on the streets all over the world. The today's street fashion comes with great key elements, including runners, trainers, jackets, pullovers and tennis skirts. I love to see how many designer brands incorporate them with modern wardrobe outfits. Sometimes it's quite hard to define which element makes the whole outfit look sporty. It appears that even silhouette can give its wearer an athletic look. It's no doubt that sportswear increasingly influencing mainstream and high fashion design. Personally, I love to see how athletic details incorporate with classic elements.

Modern Sport Style Apparel To Wear In The Streets 2019

You can always use a cropped white tank top with your favorite sky blue denim shorts, jelly chunky sandals and white miniature backpack.

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Minimalist Chic Outfit Ideas

We've got something special for you tonight! Here are shown marvelous minimalist chic outfit ideas to inspire you for this year. If you want to wear something polished, effortless and modern, then minimalism is what you really need. This trend can look elegant, sporty, tough and clean, but the real thing hides in its sophisticated look. it's built exclusively upon clean cuts and simple shapes. Minimalistic approach lets you look incredibly polished with a little effort, where the key dressing is "less is more." You need to make it sure that everything you wear fits your aesthetic taste and lifestyle. Here's inspiration on 12 ways to style a minimal-chic outfit this year. Thanks to these Polyvore sets you will make your dream wardrobe. Scroll down for outfit ideas that are perfect for summer and fall months.

Minimalist Chic Outfit Ideas 2019

The cream white cinched at the waist dress looks perfect styled with cream beige pumps, quilted white clutch and pocket watches.
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Sporty Chic Style

Sporty chic is still in trend this year. What is so special about this trend anyway? The thing is, it coexists harmoniously with any other styles, making sophisticated and professional ladies look more relaxed and casual. This year comes with updated new athletic-inspired pieces, so you better check out this great Polyvore sets collection and make some notes before your next shopping day. We are going to see long football jerseys, tank dresses, pastel crop-tops, cool sneakers and trainers, in other words, everything you need to look ‘Le Sport Chic’. Personally, I like this trend for comfortable garments and Tomboy appeal, what makes these outfits fit your street-style and working weeks. I love the way activewear instantly transformed into a chic display of casual glamour.

Sporty Chic Style 2019

We see light grey pullover teamed with pale pink sweat shorts and grey shearling moccasins.

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Casual Cocktail Looks

In today's post I want to show you some of the best casual cocktail attire ideas to try this year. It looks like fashion doesn't always invents something new, but it creates new ideas by combining already known techniques and styles. The same thing concerns casual cocktail dress code. It's still fancy and glamour look that features comfortable garments, allowing you to wear it from work to parties and shops. In other words saying, this dress code calls for just slightly dressier versions of your casual outfits. I've an awesome style inspiration for you, as you can see, here are gathered beautiful Polyvore sets what will make you look unique and ladylike.

Casual Cocktail Looks 2019

Make it sweet and modern by wearing pastel colored look: striped Tank dress, pale pink blazer, blush clutch, pointed-toe pumps and oversized sunglasses.

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The Best Prom Hairstyle Ideas

In today's article I've got some of the best prom hairstyle ideas for you to try on this year. It's fair to say: prom is one of the most memorable occasions in every girl's life. Everything should be ideal, starting from the dress to make-up and hairstyle. I've collected various looks for your consideration. Every option is perfect for official and unofficial parts. Before making any choice I recommend you to consider your personality, I mean go for the ones in which you might feel yourself comfortable. Another important thing is your hair texture. If you have curls, then you might find here amazing down and up styles which will definitely suit you. If you have straight locks, then you can either curl it or make it wavy. In other words saying: work with your hair texture, don't fight it. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these awesome styles and choose our favorites to wear this year.

The Best Prom Hairstyle Ideas 2019

The side updo looks elegant. You can show off your beautiful waterfall earrings and wear playful dress or an evening maxi gown.

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Tory Burch Spring-Summer Chic Looks

Let's welcome Tory Burch’s this year's spring-summer chic looks that are pretty and polished. I personally felt in love with these retro inspired outfits that remind me of 1969 year's Jacques Deray movie La Piscine. We are about to experience elegance and true feminine beauty. Let me make a review of this gorgeous collection's outfits.

Tory Burch Spring-Summer Chic Looks 2019

From the left: a light 3/4 length sleeve cream coat which covers the same color dress, block heel flats and snake print bag; A flared skirt suit with a cropped short blazer and metallic heels.

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