Royal kidswear by Chateau de Sable

I think everyone has seen William and Kate shared their first official photograph of the royal children, right? So charming, beautiful and cute. Today I want you to have a look at royal beautiful kidswear pieces what fit for royals. To grace the arrival of the latest rotal baby, Chateau de Sable have created a beautiful selection of royal inspired baby wear fit for any special baby. We are going to see a cute collection of charming sets, body suits and rompers for precious newborns.

Royal kidswear by Chateau de Sable (1)

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Pretty little baby bodies by Chateau De Sable

Today I want to share with you something cute, sweet, and it's Spring-Summer 2015 pretty little baby bodies from Chateau De Sable. With the recent birth of the darling Princess Charlotte, every little boy and girl should be looking their best in these adorable smart-casual options. These beloved traditional designs come in a variety of colors. With 100% of the softest French cotton, these bodies are not only comfortable and practical but soft on delicate baby skin. Personally, I love those collars, what look kind of retro inspired to me. I am sure, each one of these bodies will give your baby the royal presence they deserve.

Pretty little baby bodies by Chateau De Sable (1)

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Chateau De Sable Spring-Summer 2015 Collection Of Girls Colorful Clothes

When the sun appears in the sky we start to think of lightweight dresses. I'd like to show you some lovely 2015 spring color clothes from Chateau De Sable. Here are shown girls clothes in yellow and green colors. My personal favorite is the gorgeous green simple and easy to wear shift that looks smart with cute ballerina pumps. You can finish the look by adding matching green headband that for sure will catch everyone's attention. Another gorgeous garment what can be found in the following images is the little cardigan what is a real savior in chilly days of summer. All in all, each of these dresses will for sure keep any little girl smiling .

Chateau De Sable Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

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