Modern Urban Clothes In Chalayan Autumn-Winter Men’s Collection

Hussein Chalayan behind his eponymous label reveals new Fall-Winter collection of menswear essentials. The Autumn season was inspired by the 1974 movie Murder on the Orient Express. I love the way Chalayan used snow-capped mountain as a jacquard that appeared on jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as blizzard that he turned into spattered flock pattern on plaid jackets and blazers. Everything looks great and modern. The color palette consists of mostly black colors. All in all, if you want yourself modern apparel that is both edgy and functional, then you better look through these looks:

Modern Urban Clothes In Chalayan Autumn-Winter Men’s Collection 2019

In love with this modern looking black pantsuit. Love the fashion-forward closure of this blazer and the look of relaxed cargo pants.

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Cocoon, Tailored Garments In Chalayan Pre-Fall

Hussein Chalayan behind Chalayan was inspired by Agatha Christie film (1974) adaptation “Murder on the Orient Express” in the latest pre-Fall season collection. If you like mystiques, mystery and edgy looks, then I guarantee you will these garments. The transitional collection includes cocoon shapes, as well as signature, draped-and-folded silhouettes. My personal favorites from the lookbook are gray and white jacquard cover-ups printed with a train stuck in snowstorm and surrounded by mountains, plus I like the fur outerwear. All in all, Chalayan offers ready to wear looks appropriate for various events.

Cocoon, Tailored Garments In Chalayan Pre-Fall 2019

That's a mountains and train jacquard print oversize jacket styled with a white shirt and black trousers.

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Chalayan Spring-Summer Luxe and Elegant Menswear

Hussein Chalayan is back with his amazing menswear Spring-Summer collection, which is entitled ‘Moor’s Chorus’. The new lineup features gorgeous semi-formal and casual looks, where each dress has a spirit of elegance and luxe craftsmanship. Basically, the lookbook comes with simple and minimal style separates, featuring short-sleeve shirts, Bermuda shorts. I personally like collection's prints and patterns, which include soft Moorish inspired prints, budding courgette flowers and tangerine trees. Every piece looks leisure-like, so you can wear these clothes at the parties, Fridays at work, various open air events, etc. There is kind of retro touches in the following classic cut looks.

Chalayan Spring-Summer Luxe and Elegant Menswear 2019

Here we see model wearing pale blue printed active jacket, atop printed tee. Love these red frame sunglasses, which look ideal on him.

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Chalayan Fall-Winter Attractive Clothing

Hussein Chalayan reveals his Chalayan Autumn-Winter runway show, which features abstractive and attractive clothing made of angora, mohair, and wool. You are about to see huge sweaters, organza dresses with panels, etc. Models steeped out in deep side-part hairstyles and berry lips. The footwear designs featured platformed T-strap heels and booties. All in all, it's a collection of straightforward silhouettes with lots of daring pieces.

Here model appears in dark green relaxed, wrapped and draped jacket styled with cool dark gray skirt.

Chalayan Fall-Winter Attractive Clothing 2019
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Chalayan Pre-Fall Architectural Layers

Hussein Chalayan behind Chalayan reveals his pre-Fall collection of women's transitional garments, which are inspired by the various architectural surfaces and structures in designer's office. The pre-season is urban, stunning and just beautiful. The color palette includes black, white, gray, lacquer red, navy blue and rainbow. Here are presented dreamy white jumpers, chunky sweaters, bonded jersey column dresses, softly structured bustier tops, roomy draped cardigans, fur cocoon coats, messy knit overcoats, pastel neoprene jackets and cool suede ankle boots. I personally love these architectural layers because of their slouchy, structured and fluid draping look. Chalayan knows how to add the right amount of relaxed touches. All in all, it's feminine, wearable and sophisticated.

Chalayan Pre-Fall Architectural Layers 2019
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Chalayan Spring-Summer Romantic and Unique Ready To Wear

Hussein Chalayan revealed his beautiful spring-summer collection of women's ready to wear garments which are romantic and unique. Chalayan summer collection is full of beauty and femininity, as you can see models appear in draped and fluid zip-fronted coat dresses, white silk jackets worn with black pencil skirts (looks fantastic as a workwear attire, which can be transformed into cocktail party look), in beautiful coats that came with prints identical to the dresses, giving models the voluminous extra feature, wide culottes, One of my favorites is the transparent wide-brimmed sun hats,that are used by models as umbrellas. The spring season is airy and fresh, as you can see those abstract jungle palms and tropical prints, that make this collection look more resort like.

Chalayan Spring-Summer Romantic and Unique Ready To Wear 2019
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Chalayan Resort Casual And Sensual

We have already observed Chalayan fall collection (if not then here is the link) and now it's time to take a look at Hussein Chalayan's latest resort. New creations are meant for woman who feels relaxed, at the poolside or on the beach, so here are showcased outfits that are casual and sensual at the same time. Here you will find colorful looks in abstract photo print and sweet color separates. Model poses in wrapped long tuxedo dress, spaghetti-strap sundress, urban sweatshirts, laser-cut shift and other beautiful outfits. All the Chalayan transitional garments are wearable and ease.

Chalayan Resort Casual And Sensual 2019

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Chalayan Fall-Winter Urban Tomboy RTW

Let's observe Hussein Chalayan new autumn-winter collection which was entitled "Rise" and showcased at Paris Fashion Week. I personally find fall season as an urban tomboy wardrobe collection, as it comes with striking textural shapes bringing hourglass silhouettes at the first place and mixing together floor length, billowing and fresh modern trends.

Chalayan Fall-Winter Urban Tomboy RTW 2019
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Summer Must Have: Women’s Hats by Chalayan

Today I'd like to share with you women's spring-summer collection by Chalayan, which was observed by many fashion magazines and blogs. Lots of stylists and bloggers felt in love with sheath dresses, sport style hooded parkas, and most of everyone's attention was given to huge toadstool shape hats with colored green, red, white, blue and yellow plastic inserts. Why these hats are so popular this season, well I have some explanations for you, first one is that these hats have wide brims that protect from the sun and second I love these hats colors, that are so fresh, so that there is no worry you are going to be in the center of everyone's attention.

Summer Must Have: Women's Hats by Chalayan 2019

Summer Must Have: Women's Hats by Chalayan 2019

Chalayan Pre-Autumn-Winter Women’s Wear

Modern Women's Fall Wardrobe. Designer Hussein Chalayan behind Chalayan fashion brand reveals his latest Fall-Winter pre-collection of women's practical garments. New pre-season comes with fearless and abstract looks. Love Chalayn's modern touch in these irresistible pieces, including leather biker jackets, elegant body-conscious dresses, coats, three-quarter-sleeve black jackets and tracksuit tops.

Chalayan Pre-Autumn-Winter Women's Wear 2019
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